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Soccer Star Poses As Doctor To Surprise Young Cancer Patient

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez took a break from training to surprise one of his biggest fans with a sweet video message.

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You may know Luis Suarez as the guy who bit another player during the World Cup.

Or as the guy who's currently scoring a bunch of goals for FC Barcelona.

Alex Caparros / Getty Images

He has a BIG game against Bayern Munich today, but carved out some time this week to surprise a young Uruguayan cancer patient with a video call.

Mateo arrived at the hospital, thinking he was having a special consultation with a doctor from Spain.

During the call, the "doctor" admits he's not really a doctor.

It turns out to be Mateo's idol!

Suarez tells Mateo that he "is a champion" and promises him sweet swag.

Watch the sweet video in it's entirety here.

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