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    10 Ways Professors Just Don't Understand Finals Week

    Sometimes, they're even more clueless than your parents.

    1. When they give you busy work assignments

    These assignments aren't even worth doing when you're swamped.

    2. When they give you an assignment that takes more time in a week than your on campus job

    3. When they require 2,000+ words for a final paper

    "Yes. As in two with three zeros."


    4. When a final exam is all about memorization / Via

    Geez, my brain can only hold so many useless facts at once.

    5. When they don't check their email / Via

    Just respond, please?

    6. When they all schedule your due dates on the same day / Via

    NOT funny.

    7. It's like they're conspiring... / Via


    8. Some professors are as clueless about school administrators' exam requirements as you are. / Via

    "So class, what's our exam time slot, again?"

    Will we all fail if we don't tell you?

    9. Then there's the professor who brings DONUTS to the final exam. / Via

    Huh? I thought you were supposed to make this thing impossibly unbearable.

    10. But seriously, some professors despise finals just as much as you, and they don't understand in the best. way. possible. / Via

    OK, it's rare, but you can keep dreaming in between all that studying.

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