10 Ways The New Rate My Professors Will Totally Change Your Semester

There are so. many. new ways to perfect your class schedule. Tags. Thumbs up on comments. Way more. The 2014-2015 school year will be next level.

RateMyProfessors • 3 years ago

The Best LGBT Studies Professors In The US According To Students

These awesome professors have been rated highly by Rate My Professors’ users for their classes that explore queer theory, history and much more. Celebrate #Pride2014 and learn more about the Top-Rated LGBTQ Studies Professors!

RateMyProfessors • 4 years ago

Hottest Hogwarts Professors According To Muggles On Rate My Professors

Some very sneaky muggles went on RateMyProfessors.com to rate their experiences with the professors at Hogwarts, and it’s no surprise they took full advantage of the hot chili pepper rating. Check out which Hogwarts professors take the Goblets of Fire.

RateMyProfessors • 4 years ago