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We're Calling It Now: This Brazilian Singer Is About To Be The Next International Pop Star

Allow us to introduce you to the amazing IZA.

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Okay, world: meet IZA, a pop and R&B artist from Rio de Janeiro who got her start on YouTube.

Instagram: @iza

Ever since she first created her YouTube account in 2014, IZA (full name: Isabela Lima) has covered pop stars like Sam Smith, Prince, Adele and Beyoncé.

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After graduating college with a degree in publicity and advertising, IZA worked in video editing before devoting herself fully to her singing. Her work quickly attracted the notice of Warner Music Brasil, who signed her to the label last year.

And just last week, she debuted the music video for her most recent single, "Pesadão."

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The music video has nearly 1.5 million views, and it's proof that IZA is a serious star on the rise.

As a black Brazilian woman, IZA credits her identity as one of the driving forces that inspires her music.

“I’m living in a very special time, we need to take advantage of the potential the internet has to communicate. It’s fundamental to getting my message to as many people as possible at one time," she told Black Women of Brazil in an interview. she analyzes. “I need to talk about these issues because I’m not in front of the cameras and speaking with various different media just to entertain, to have fun…This is also nice, but I have a mission. There are several ‘minas’ negras (black girls) that wanted to be in my place and I carry them with me.

Which is why it's no surprise that her recent videos seem to draw stylistic inspiration from the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna.

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Those bodysuits tho!!!

So, let's just take a quick superstar inventory here. Amazing moves? Check.

IZA / Via

Soon-to-be iconic style? Check!

**Flawless** vocals? CHECK!

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Now that we've convinced you to become superfans with us, you can keep up with IZA on YouTube here...

And look out for her new album, coming soon in November.

BRB learning Portuguese until then.

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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