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    12 Tips For Getting Over Impostor Syndrome

    If you've ever worried about being exposed as a fraud, these tips can help.

    Some people work very hard and accomplish so much but still feel like a fraud at work, at school, or just in life.

    Psychologists have a name for it: impostor syndrome. People who experience it live in fear of being found out and exposed, which ends up interfering with their well-being.

    If you've ever experienced it, here are a few tips:

    1. Keep a diary of your professional life.

    2. Talk about work.

    3. Plan where you want to be in the long, medium, and short term.

    4. Don't torture yourself if you need to change plans.

    5. Ask for feedback.

    6. Find people who are leaders in your field and talk to them.

    7. But know that every person builds their own career.

    8. Understand that everything has its time.

    9. Use your lack of experience to your advantage.

    10. Keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes.

    11. Don't ignore or minimize the compliments you receive.

    12. Be more generous to yourself.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.