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16 Masturbation Tips For Everyone With A Vagina

Tips and tricks to help you do you.

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Masturbation is one of the best ways to learn more about your body and how you experience pleasure.

So, BuzzFeed Brazil asked female readers to share their go-to tricks for getting ~in touch~ with themselves.

1. Use more than one finger.

"My tip may seem simple, but it makes a big difference: use TWO fingers when 'messing around' with your clitoris. The stimulation is more intense. And if you correctly combine circular movements with the amount of pressure that pleases you, it's sheer bliss!"


2. Try penetration with your thumb while stimulating the clitoris.

"And continue massaging the lower wall of the vagina, feeling the textures and alternating pressure. It's also amazing to take advantage of this position and massage your anus with the other free fingers. I have fantastic orgasms masturbating this way."


3. Use hot and cold lubricants, the latter of which can give you an icy sensation.

"Take your little finger, pass it through a cooling lubricant, place it on your clitoris, and move your pinkie over it from one side to the other. Masturbation just got even better."


4. Lie on your back, and put your legs in a butterfly position.

"Regardless of how you use your hand, this position makes everything easier and gives you very good control of your pelvic muscles!"


5. Or lie on your stomach, put a pillow between your legs, and rub against it.

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"When I was a preteen, I was scared of touching myself and didn't think I'd feel anything because it was just my own hand. So I put my pillow between my legs and would lie on my stomach, rubbing on it, until I came."


7. Touch other parts of your body.

"Gently touch your entire face with your fingertips like your hair and shoulders, until you get to your intimate parts. And move to your own rhythm."


8. When your vulva is sensitive, masturbate over your underwear.

"If you have a very sensitive vulva, the feeling of fingers on the labia can hurt. So I almost always masturbate over my panties, with my open hand. That way I'm protected, and the fabric produces a warmth that makes it even easier to come."


9. Squeeze your clitoris with your index finger and thumb.

"When you squeeze the clitoris with two fingers (the index finger and the thumb), you'll feel a 'little nerve' inside it. At first you might feel a little discomfort, like when you mess with your funny bone, but after that passes, it feels really good. Since I discovered this, it's the only way I can masturbate."


10. Use a shoulder massager.

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"I once saw a woman advising people to masturbate using one of those shoulder massagers. I tried it, and it does incredible things for anyone who doesn't have an actual sex toy."


Important: Any object used for sexual purposes must be properly sanitized.

11. Try an enhancement gel.

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"When I'm more excited, I like to use an orgasm stimulant gel. It helps to intensify the massage effect that you can create with your fingers. I bought [a Brazilian brand] 'Orgasm' by Santo, and I think it's amazing."


12. Lie on your stomach and press against your vulva with the base of your thumb.

"My trick for 200% pleasurable masturbation may seem unconventional, but I've been doing it ever since I can remember and it's W O N D E R F U L. You lie on your stomach on top of your arms. Then with one hand, you press your vulva with the base of your thumb. You can let your other hand help out, or you can just move your pelvis and enjoy the orgasm. I prefer doing this in panties. Depending on the fabric, it can be extra delicious."


13. Try to synchronize your orgasm with the porn actors you're watching.

"When you're watching porn, try to time the moment of your orgasm with the actors so you come at the same time. I think it's great, because we've reached climax together."


14. If you've never used a vibrator, invest in one of the "bullet" types.

"Buy a bullet type vibrator. It's cheap, small, super easy to carry, and wonderful!"


15. And if you want to get advanced, bet on a "magic wand."

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"I don't think they've ever created a vibrator better than this. It has several different types of vibrations and intensities."


16. And finally, keep experimenting!

"Try out new ways to feel pleasure. And don't forget the other parts of your body. For example, I love to use the vibrator along the inside of my thighs or on my nipples before going where it really matters."


This post was translated from Portuguese.