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The 18 Most WTF YouTube Comments On Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

You'll have to...I don't...what are you talking about?

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It probably didn't escape your attention that Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' music video came out a few days ago. You weren't the only person to notice. A lot of other people saw it too, and they felt a wide range of emotions - emotions they were more than happy to express in the video's comments section.

Here is a selection of the very finest. You're about to meet some great people.

Fair enough

Not all that difficult

This can only end well

Hahahahaha! Wait, what?

At least it's a strong username

Totally hear ya

Nope, too niche, sorry

What? What?

Yes, it is

Bit harsh

Completely understandable

Say what you see

Don't apologise...?

This requires more research

Completely justified

Now's not the time, Randel

Glad we cleared that up

There is nothing for you here

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