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Here's What Is Trending On Amazon India This Week

This week's products will make you want to throw your money at your screen.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of cool products called "Movers and Shakers", which is a collection of stuff that's now ~trending~.

This week there's a range of wacky products that you'll want in your life: detanglers for your tangled hair, copper bottles that vow to improve your health, and extra-long gloves that are crazy and useful simultaneously. Let the Pokémon action figures feed your Pokémon Go addiction. Let the pore-strips do their magic and zap your skin problems away. Let Amazon India take over your life.

1. This waterproof and rechargeable LED head light and tail light for your bicycle to keep road-raging drivers at bay (₹299).

Most Promising Review: "This is extremely useful! Go for this product without a blink. Great seller, and great service by Amazon." - Ajay Parthasarathy

Get it here.

2. This pure cotton jock-strap to support your gymming addiction (₹199).

Most Promising Review: "I chose medium and it fits perfectly around waist and bottom. The waist strap is wide enough to provide extra support while working out. The strap elastic quality is also very good. The rest is the bottom part which is designed in dual layer and made of cotton that absorb sweat easily. The strap width is almost 3 inches and quite thick. The front has a brand logo which is S&C and on the back it has stitched washing instructions. It is great quality which lasts long. The cloth material is good, stitching is very strong and seems durable, strap is wide enough and of superb quality." - Dinesh S

Get it here.

3. This pack of 5 pore-strips that come in a black gel to get rid of your blackheads and whiteheads (₹199).

Most Promising Review: "It is very effective. I had a good experience with it. I used it on my nose and chin area even though I do not have many blackheads but I do have whiteheads. I also used it on my mom who has lot of blackheads and she was extremely happy with it. It cleans up as never before. Loved the product. Surely gonna buy it again." - amrita debnath

Get it here.

4. This set of 5 colourful flat paintbrushes for both oil and acrylic paint that will brighten up your artistic abilities (₹202).

Most Promising Review: "I'm interested in seeing how long these last. The bristles are nylon, and thick and soft, even on the smallest (blue) one. For now, however, I am very happy: 5 different flat-type brushes, two of them angled, is just what I was looking for, and INR 200 was a decent price." - A.C.

Get it here.

5. This Angry Birds play gym for your baby's early introduction to phone games (₹790).

Most Promising Review: "I bought this activity play gym for my boy and I'm very happy with purchase. The quality is extremely good and it comes at a very good price as compared to the other branded ones. The material looks quite durable, child friendly and the arches will definitely keep my baby busy with the toys hung from them. The Angry Birds design on the mat has very radiant colors. I would definitely recommend this as this is an excellent way to keep the child busy as well as active." - GAURAV GUNJKAR

Get it here.

6. This compact untangling comb to detangle your tangles (₹1,009).

Most Promising Review: “Theres something special about the Tangle Teezer. From the first time you use it, you will notice how sturdy yet gentle the bristles are. It definitely doesn’t pull at tangles and it somehow adds volume to my hair when I use it. This particular one in gold is the compact size and not the full size but I find this fits better in the hand.” - Zenia

Get it here.

7. This wireless bluetooth 500GB hard drive for storage on-the-go (₹4,999).

Most Promising Review: "Never thought you could use hard disk wirelessly. This is great product to watch movies, listen to songs on the go. No need to use mobile storage rather put all movies, photos, songs on this drive and then can access them while carrying drive in your bag using WiFi on your phone or tablet. Works best even when 3 people accessing different movies and best battery backup." - Nikhil

Get it here.

8. These roasted sunflower seeds to enrich your lifestyle with essential fibre, vitamins and minerals (₹170).

Most Promising Review: "I have used this product as a added ingredient to my salads and pastas and to good effect. It's nutty flavour adds to any healthy snack. Highly recommended." - Rahul ramachandran

Get it here.

9. This herb-grinder that has a built-in filter and a magnetic cap (₹329).

Most Promising Review: "It's a great product for the price I paid. I'm just loving it. It serves the purpose well. It's very handy and easy to use. Crushes weed better than anything. Specifically when you are already on and need to make one more joint, it requires some weed and a few twists and it's ready to roll." - Amazon Customer

Get it here.

10. This pair of extra-long gloves that will keep you clean while cleaning (₹279).

Most Promising Review: "These gloves are just awesome. The glove completely protects your hand from the chemicals. It doesn't slip, and it has a special kind of fabric for the inside part which is very good to feel. The quality is good, worth the money. I would recommend all my friends to buy this product." - Parinita Amar

Get it here.

11. This 1 litre copper water bottle that imparts minerals to your water (₹750).

Most Promising Review: I'm 100% satisfied with this bottle. After using it for months now, I must say, it's a great product. The rubber ring on the cap makes it leak proof. It is great for the digestive system. It is compact, I use it at office and at home and I carry it in my backpack. Regular cleaning is required as copper naturally loses its shine very quickly."

Get it here.

12. This eco-friendly mosquito trap that is odourless, chemical free and also works as a night lamp (₹899).

Most Promising Review: "Picked this up from Amazon along with a similar product from another company because I was unsure which product would work. This thing beat the other product hands down. It has trapped 8 mosquitoes from just 1 room. Make sure you leave it on with all the lights off before switching it on. Works really well and very simple construction." - Belliappa K M

Get it here.

13. This HUUUUGE 144-piece set of Pokémon action figures that boasts a range of X&Y, Black and White, legendaries and 1st through 6th generations (₹3,210).

Most Promising Review: "These are not collector's quality, however for the price you're paying I believe that these are an awesome purchase for any Pokémon fan. The sheer volume is amazing. There are some color discrepancy and some clearly have more details than others, but I had no problem recognizing any of the ones in my set, so they're good enough for that. I received a good mix a old Kanto region Pokemon as well as some of the newer generations like Johto, Hoen, and the ones that come after that, not doubles, and surprisingly a lot of legendary ones." - Reviewer

Get it here.

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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