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This Is What Indians Have Been Buying On Amazon This Week

You need this belt to amp up your Pokémon Go aesthetic.

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Amazon has a list of cool products called "Movers and Shakers", which is a collection of stuff that's now ~trending~.

Indians have been going insane over products on Amazon like the Fuji Instax polaroid camera and Beauty Blender dupes. Go camping with a solar-powered lantern and a portable water filter straw, and while you're at it, take along a pack of Haribo gummy bears as well. This week, in line with the Pokémon Go craziness, there's also a Pokéball holder clip-on belt that every Pokémon Trainer needs for their adventures.

1. This self-defense pepper spray to ward off attacks and assaults with a range of 12 feet (₹358).

Most Promising Review: "Educate yourself and be responsible. It's a weapon, don't use it on your neighbor or someone on the road, just because you don't like them. You can safely carry this in car without the fear of it exploding inside the car due to pressure difference. The good thing is, when you purchase, it comes with a small paper (à la corrugated box) box inside which you could keep it, if you plan to keep one permanently inside the car (just to reduce the explosive effect inside if at all it explodes)." - Ragavan

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2. This polaroid camera that will give you instant photographs for your Tumblr lifestyle (₹3,947).

Most Promising Review: "Camera is just awesome, no words to say. There are no noises while taking pics. We can insert one box containing 10 films at a time in the camera. There are indications in the camera showing how many films are left. When we open it, it will reset to zero. It needs two batteries which will be there in the camera packaging itself. I am able to take clear pics even in the night time which has clarity comparable to 5MP mobile phone. There are also tags along with camera box to hold it or hang it. It's totally worth your money." - ben george

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3. This raincoat for your doggy that is essential to keep dry this monsoon (₹1,700).

Most Promising Review: "The coat is awesome! My labrador looks like a king in this product. The material is of good quality. A must buy for your pet, covers almost entire body of your dog." - Nilesh Bagri

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4. These furniture corner guards that will save your baby from boo-boos and bumps (₹399).

Most Promising Review: "I would definitely recommend these child safety corners to anyone who wants to child proof their house or soften edges which tend to hurt. Easy to stick, and ones that last for a good amount of time, at this price point, this product is a definite win for me." - Jenna Narayan

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5. This sleek, shatter-proof and water-proof solar-powered lantern that is perfect for your camping needs (₹1,020).

Most Promising Review: "It is high time we shift responsibly to this kind of product! it is portable and utilized solar energy. It has impeccable design with flawless performance as long as the solar panels are not kept in dark for long." - Subhanil Chakraborty

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6. This guitar-pedal that has 100 multi-effects to amp up your guitar skills (₹4,800).

Most Promising Review: "This is by far the best multi fx processor I have used in this price range. It requires a bit of a learning curve, but after that, it will kick some butt! You can edit the patches and if you can dial in the correct equipment (pedals or amps) it will sound badass. I dialed in a Gary Moore tone by dialing in a Noise Gate, a compresser, aTube Screamer, some reverb and a tape delay. It sounds sick!" - Sarthak Ray

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7. These multi-purpose cable holders that will answer all your charging wire problems (₹125).

Most Promising Review: "Good utility product. It has been almost more than a month since I am using and it has not come out of the wall yet. Go for it if you have a lot of cables at a particular socket and you don't have space to arrange it." - vivek

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8. These Haribo gummy bears that will be a throwback to your childhood and a flash-forward to heart disease (₹99).

Most Promising Review: "Had them first time when my aunt returned from USA and got them for us as a kid. They are and will be one of the most addictive candy I ever had. Now as a father of one introducing my kid to same and oh my my I have to say he is loving it. Great gummy goodies and highly recommended to one and all." - Abhishek

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9. This Rajasthani door hanging with handcrafted wooden elephants (₹159).

Most Promising Review: "It is awesome. Looks so beautiful, exactly as described. But be sure, it is half the door length and not full. It really looks beautiful :)" - Sridevi

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10. This less expensive dupe for the beauty blender for flaaaaaawless makeup (₹485).

Most Promising Review: "I seriously thought it would be good and it is good. And the sponge, it's really is soft while squeezing. I could guarantee it's the perfect blender if you wanted in your budget. Also it gives a flawless finish. You could use it the way you want. I really love it. Love! Love! Love it." - Aishwarya

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11. This mini at-home facial massager that comes with 5 rotating attachments to give you on-the-go soft skin (₹219).

Most Promising Review: "With this device facial clean up becomes easy. The product came with all the accessories as described. I love the brush accessory as it helps me clean my face effectively. I also did not find any issue with speeds, the device has two speeds low and high. Extremely satisfied with the product. It is definitely a handy product in such a low price range. The roller ball accessory also helped me to alleviate my migraine pain. It can be used on face and also useful if you need it for a good head massage. Definitely recommend others to buy this product." - Koyel C.

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12. This Pokémon clip-on Pokéball belt that will transform your Pokémon Go aesthetic (₹2,665).

Most Promising Review: "Exactly as it looks in picture. Got it for my kid's 8th birthday. He loved it and carries it around on his waist everywhere. Good gift for any Pokémon fan." - padma

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13. This portable water purifier straw that you can use with any waterbody and filters upto 1000L of water (₹1,100).

Most Promising Review: "Ideal for hikers, trekkers. Also great for someday who wants to contribute to reducing the stress on the environment by eliminating the need to buy bottled water while travelling. Excellent product & amazing value for money." - vinayak

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Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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