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    20 Adorable Salt And Pepper Shakers That'll Spice Up Your Kitchen

    It's love at first spice.

    1. These two peas in a pod shakers:

    2. These bread and egg shakers:

    3. These elephants shakers:

    4. These eggs shakers:

    5. These ladybug shakers:

    6. These cupcake shakers:

    7. These lovebird shakers:

    8. These bumblebee shakers:

    9. These baby bird shakers:

    10. These kitten shakers:

    11. These panda shakers:

    12. These magic wand shakers:

    13. These bongo drum shakers:

    14. These milk and cookie shakers:

    15. These microphone shakers:

    16. These Minnie and Micky mouse shakers:

    17. These cello shakers:

    18. These hamburger shakers:

    19. These Pac-Man shakers:

    20. These scientific shakers:

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