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    You Have To See This $10 Million Home Built For The End Of The World

    Wait out the world's end in '70s style with a bomb shelter built for a king in Las Vegas.

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    It's always good to be prepared for the worst. But for Avon executive Girard Henderson, the potential of an impending nuclear disaster inspired him to spend roughly $10 million building a dream bunker for him and his wife to ride out the Cold War, Vegas Inc. reports.

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    Above ground, the only clues of something afoot under a small caretaker's home are scattered air conditioning units and turbines hid behind boulders, plus two emergency exits. It looks like any everyday Las Vegas property near the Strip.

    But 26 feet under the surface, accessible by elevator, guests are greeted with a groovy 5,000 sq. ft. oasis of entertainment, fake greenery, and decor reminiscent of the Brady Bunch.

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    A grill built inside of a fake rock.

    Henderson made sure the underground estate, built in 1978, was filled with enough accomodations to stave off boredom of life in hiding: The home is always set to 78 degrees and includes a sauna, two jacuzzis, a small putting green, a dance floor perfect for breaking into the Hustle, a wet bar, and an inground (literally) pool.

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    Putting green

    Las Vegas Review-Journal / Via

    The pool

    Las Vegas Review-Journal / Via

    Yes, that is a pink toilet.

    New owners should be prepared for plenty of pink decor inside the home, which is listed for $1.7 million, brought down from $8 million since going on the market in 2001. Listing agent Winston King says the price is a bargain, especially for someone who "reclusive, eccentric, [or] a movie star."

    Besides the two bedrooms in the main house, the 16,000 sq. ft. property also includes a one-bedroom guest house, the two-story caretaker's house on the outside, a four-car garage, and more than one acre of surface property -- plenty of room for more people to join in the fun of waiting out their ultimate end by the Soviets. Twister, anyone?

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