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The Rumor That Emma Watson And Prince Harry Are Dating Has Shaken Muggles Everywhere

Because who didn't secretly want Hermione to get with Harry?

A totally unconfirmed rumor from Australia's Women's Day claims that after Emma Watson and rugby player Matthew Janney split last year, Prince Harry sent her a letter inviting her to a party.

"Harry didn't want her to feel like she was put on the spot," an "insider" told the tabloid. "A party also shows he's fun and not stuffy."

The source added, "He's smitten – and it's more than Emma's looks."

And people have quite a lot of ~opinions~ on the matter.

First, there was disbelief.

Prince Harry is dating Emma Watson? HE STOLE MY IDEA


If Emma Watson and Prince Harry are actually dating, I'm going to cry 😭😭

apparently prince harry of the royal family and emma watson are dating what is life even

Then they were excited.

Oh PLEASE let Emma Watson and Prince Harry be actually dating PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE we deserve this we've been so good

If Emma Watson & Prince Harry really are dating, Beyonce & Jay Z are about to lose their power couple throne. #battleroyale

COULD YOU IMAGINE IF EMMA WATSON MARRIED INTO THE ROYAL FAMILY there is probably nothing that would make me happier. #marryharry

And then came the perfect Harry Potter jokes.

Emma Watson is dating Prince Harry! Despite JK Rowling's best efforts, Hermione is finally hooking up with Harry!

I hope Prince Harry and Emma Watson last because if they have a son, it will be the half-blood prince.

prince harry and emma watson is the muggle version of viktor krum and hermione.

FB just let me know that Prince Harry is apparently dating Hermione. If you date a Muggle with Royal blood is your kid still a Mudblood or..

Emma Watson is now dating a better-looking version of Ron named Harry? This is Siriusly hilarious.

Apparently Emma Watson and Prince Harry are dating. Hermione really does have a thing for gingers

Because who is more princess-like than Emma Watson?

Literally no one.

Let's be real, Emma Watson would make an AMAZING princess... #RoyalRumors

Emma Watson and Prince Harry? SHE DESERVES TO BE A PRINCESS. SHE DESERVES IT. #royalwedding2015

I heard Prince Harry & Emma Watson were maybe dating & immediately insulted everyone by recasting the best movie ever

If Emma Watson and Prince Harry are actually dating and eventually got married, who would be making who royalty? Ya know?

*Crosses fingers forever*

I hope the rumors about Prince Harry and @EmWatson dating are true, and I hope they have beautiful half-muggle, half-royal babies.

Emma Watson basically shut down the rumor in a tweet — but we can all still dream.

WORLD ♥ Remember that little talk we had about not believing everything written in the media?!