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These Vines Perfectly Capture Everything You've Felt About The Dress

"Roses are red, dresses are blue, if you see gold, fuck you." Make sure to turn on the sound in the bottom right corner!

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The Dress. It's an international sensation. It needs no introduction. And it's tearing us apart.

Echoes of the question "What color is The Dress?" reverberated all over the world last night into this morning.

Though we now know the truth, that hasn't stopped the members of the #WhiteAndGold faction from defending their color choice.

Many of us questioned our sanity when the dress colors changed right before our eyes.

We were on the brink of insanity.

And some of us got a liiiittle bit defensive.

We thought maybe we all lost it.

It inspired songs.

Bruno Mars was dragged in.

Michael too!

We were baffled when news segments were devoted to the mystery of the dress.

Some people started to let their freak flag fly in the name of their colors.

Because now we're all living in a post-Dress world.

And none of us will ever be the same.

But mostly... people are over it.

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