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Hundreds Of Women Have Signed Up For The Dating Site This Guy Made For Himself is the #1 online dating site for Brandon Scott Wolf.

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New York comedian Brandon Scott Wolf has been on plenty of dates with people he met online, but hasn't yet found his special someone. So he decided to create a site just for him.

Though it originally started as a parody of online dating sites, has quickly transitioned into a personal smorgasbord of potential dates for Wolf after hundreds of people submitted profiles.

"Which is a couple hundred more people than I was originally expecting," the Saturday Night Live contributor told BuzzFeed News.

Ladies looking to meet Wolf can create a profile and fill out deep questions like their favorite burger toppings and book.

Let's hope you like Harry Potter.

Wolf, whose perfect date is "sharing a piece of pie at a diner as we talk about every plot hole in the movie we just saw," told BuzzFeed News he's already gone on one date so far.

"I'm going through all of the submissions and if people seem earnest and genuine I will consider reaching out to go on dates with them as well," he said.

The 25-year-old writes in his profile (the only one on the site, naturally) that he's 5'9, lives in Brooklyn, and bartends when he's not performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

He adds:

I'm definitely open to casual dating though I would prefer to meet someone who wants to get into a more serious relationship – and yes, that means being able to lay on a couch together while wearing pajamas and watching "Bob's Burgers" (LOL).

Who knows, your soulmate could be waiting for you (if your soulmate happens to be Brandon Scott Wolf).

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