1-800-Flowers Spent Another Valentine’s Day Having A Miserable Time On Social Media

Lots of dead flowers and unhappy customers.

1. Another Valentine’s Day, another awful few days on social media for 1-800-Flowers.

3. Some customers were less than pleased with what showed up on their doorsteps on V-Day.

Or didn’t show up at all.

Reading @1800flowers & wondering if they got any deliveries right they left mine outside in 11 degree weather

— Lowell Murray (@pghguyinva)

When you order the left from @1800flowers and the right shows up to your wife's workplace.

— Jeremey Rodriguez (@mountaingoat99)

@1800flowers the roses you sent were very disappointing. A normal size one in 1st pic. Yours are as big as my thumb.

— Brandon Bissell (@bjbissell)

@1800flowers plz cancel my order. Flowers were not delivered. #tweetingfromthedoghouse

— JT Cox (@jtcox4)

10. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a dead plant.

@1800flowers nice #ValentinesDay gift. Here's a pic of the dead flowers.

— E.M. (@bulldogev)

@1800flowers sent my sister DEAD & ROTTED flowers this year. Thanks for ruining a special day!

— Jena Nieves (@NievesJena)


RT @kaseydtweets: @1800flowers thanks for ruining my valentine’s day!

— fka 'WFANAudio' (@OrdioMongo)

15. Nothing says love like a blob of melted chocolate.

Dear @1800flowers this is not how someone should receive chocolates for Valentines Day. #disappointed

— Tiffany (@TSHesq)

17. Janet, who you may remember from last Valentine’s Day, is still around, and was definitely working overtime.

@CJirishlez I am sorry for your frustration. If you change your mind and would like assistance, pls follow and DM us order details. - Janet

— 1-800-FLOWERS.COM (@1800flowers)

@amie444 I am very sorry for your frustration. I will be with you shortly. Thank you- Janet

— 1-800-FLOWERS.COM (@1800flowers)

20. But mostly, the responses seemed automated.

22. Maybe next year just get your special someone a big jar of Nutella.

And if they don’t love that, dump ‘em.

@1800flowers it's the thought that counts right? New pitch line for #1800flowers.

— Jim szumlaski (@Zoomer112us)

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