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    Chris Pratt Opened "SNL" By Singing About Having Sex With His "Hottie" Wife Anna Faris

    "We had sex and a baby popped out," he sang.

    Guardians of the Galaxy hunk and overnight superstar Chris Pratt hosted Saturday Night Live's 40th season opener last night, and he made it clear that he's very, very taken.

    "Her name's Anna Faris and she's hosted twice. We had sex and a baby popped out," he sang. "Do you remember that?"


    "Ohhh yeah," she replied from the audience. Jeez, no need to rub it in, Anna.

    Pratt also mentions his frequent weight fluctuations, singing, "I should probably stop doing that."


    The song is pretty cute, but the best parts are when Pratt adorably forgets the words and chords. Oh, you.


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