28 Reasons Chris Pratt Is The Human Golden Retriever Of Your Dreams

Hot AND dorky? What a catch.

1. Because he knows how to answer the hard-hitting questions.

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2. And is pretty useful to have around.

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…Kind of.



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3. He clearly takes himself super seriously.

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4. And tries extremely hard to play it cool.

Cindy Ord / Contributor / Getty Images
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5. But not enough to prevent him from singing Disney songs on live TV.

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6. OK, so he’s totally still figuring out this “hot guy” thing.

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7. And, um, nailing it.

Marvel Studios / Via theberry.com
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8. Though he still has a hungry kid inside of him just like the rest of us.

NBC / Via zap2it.com
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9. And he knows exercising is the purest form of hell.

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10. He really, really hates it.

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11. Well, most of the time.



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12. Which is cool because he’s dreamy no matter what he looks like.

…Those abs though.

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13. He is totally a real-life version of his Parks and Rec character Andy Dwyer, who is basically a human golden retriever.

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ID: 3497528
ID: 3497534
ID: 3497546
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14. He hasn’t gotten too sucked into this whole “fame” thing.

“I’m wearing this creepy mask because it will make me look more radiant? #Baller”

ID: 3498794

15. And it never seems to stop being cool for him.

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16. Which makes him one of the humblest movie stars around.

ID: 3497447

17. With a huge heart.

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18. To the point where he took his costume home just to visit sick kids.



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19. Which only makes him even hotter (a hard feat).

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20. He’s cultured.



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21. And he’s great at prioritizing.



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22. His friendship with co-star Nick Offerman is an inspiration to us all.



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23. Social media is basically his bitch.

#3WordsToDescribeMe super smart

— chris pratt (@prattprattpratt)
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24. And there was a time when this was his Twitter avatar.

ID: 3497711

25. Being a dad is clearly among the things he’s awesome at.

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26. And it’s so sweet how in awe he is that he managed to snag Anna Faris for a wife.

ID: 3499020


ID: 3499033

27. Which is ridiculous because, I mean, even kittens love him.

ID: 3499075

28. And, finally, because he’s able to be refreshingly real and endearing, while still being a total goober.

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We love you, Chris!

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