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Weirdest Things U.S. Presidents Have Eaten At Thanksgiving

You think your family has wacky traditions? You got nothing on William Howard Taft and his possums.

Yes, William Howard Taft went in for roasted Georgia possums.

Each with a potato in its mouth!

George W. Bush ate "morelia-style gazpacho."

Which, it turns out, is not tomato soup but a chopped tropical fruit salad?

FDR was all about oyster stew.

Ronald Reagan always had persimmon pudding.

Grover Cleveland loved him some parsnip fritters.

Flickr: smitten

Those sound great, actually. The Washington Post has a recipe.

Bill Clinton insisted on cherry Coke salad.

Harry Truman (on a diet) ate clear soup and celery.

The saddest Thanksgiving in the world. :(

Barack Obama serves six different pies, including huckleberry.

OK, that's not weird, it's just really impressive. The full Pie Lineup is apple, huckleberry, sweet potato, cherry, banana cream, and pumpkin. Get the official White House huckleberry recipe here.

Thanks to The Washington Post for definitively proving that presidents are just as weird as our moms. Have a special Thanksgiving recipe of your own? Tell us about it here!