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Taste Test: The Best Instant Gravy

These are the brands you should turn to in a Thanksgiving Gravy Emergency.

All official BuzzFeed taste tests are conducted in Comic Sans.

GRAVY: It's important. It's so important that if you don't have it, your Thanksgiving meal isn't really going to be Thanksgiving. It's just going to be a big beige plate of dry, starchy sadness.

There's a great simple gravy recipe in this post and a perfect homemade turkey stock over here that we highly recommend using to make your own magical concentrated turkey juice.

But the thing is that you might โ€” if you don't have the right stuff on hand or if you get to the end of hours of Thanksgiving cooking and realize that OH, CRANBERRIES you completely forgot about the gravy and the masses are starting to agitate for food and it's too late to make it now โ€” you just might find yourself turning to instant gravy from a jar, can, pouch, box, packet, tin, envelope, or other container of some kind.

We girded our dippin' turkey bits and tried these seven brands of gravy*, so that you know what to buy just in case things don't go as planned tomorrow:

Pacific Organic Turkey Gravy (box)

Heinz Homestyle Roasted Turkey Gravy (jar)

McCormick Turkey Gravy Mix (packet)

Knorr Roasted Turkey Gravy Mix (packet)

Campbell's Turkey Gravy (can)

Imagine Organic Roasted Turkey Gravy (box)

Simply Organic Turkey Gravy Mix (packet)

*We bought what we could get our hands on at local (NYC) supermarkets. If we missed your absolute favorite brand and you're convinced it was robbed, that's rotten luck and we are deeply, truly sorry.

Here's what happened...

WINNER: Campbell's Turkey Gravy



"Good texture! Rich."

RUNNER UP: Heinz Homestyle Roasted Turkey Gravy



"Nice flavor! Better consistency."

"Classic, looks good."

2ND RUNNER UP: McCormick Turkey Gravy Mix

This one had some fans and some not-fans. It didn't thicken up, but that could have been our fault and not the mix's.


"Would pour over my turkey."


"Salty, watery, good flavor."

LOSER: Imagine Organic Roasted Turkey Gravy

As with our mashed potatoes taste test, the organic gravy brands that were less loaded with indecipherable, delicious chemicals tasted fairly awful. If you're going processed, go all the way.


"No flavor."

"Blech! Poison!"

"Not EVEN trying."