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A Guide To Including Bourbon In 100% Of Your Thanksgiving Meal


We'll start off easy: Mix up a cozy bourbon cider cocktail for everyone.

With ginger beer too! Get the recipe.

Needless to say, the turkey should be liberally doused in bourbon before (and during) roasting.

The cranberry sauce alone should get you tipsy.

Gravy, being a liquid, is an obvious and highly effective bourbon vehicle.

Recipe: Bourbon Gravy

Your pecan stuffing could definitely use a nice, stiff drink.

Bourbonize any and all sweet potatoes in sight.

Seriously, all the sweet potatoes.

While you're at it, throw some of the good stuff on the other sides dishes too.

And keep a significant quantity of Bacon-Bourbon Butter on hand for everything else.

(That's the one on top). Prepare to slather it all over your turkey, your potatoes, your dinner rolls, your body.

No self-respecting pecan pie would go out in public without a healthy amount of bourbon in it.

Pumpkin pie feels the same way.

And cherry!

Cheesecake can play this game, too.

And you know what goes great with either? Bourbon ice cream.

Really, it's simple: Put bourbon in ice cream. Put ice cream on everything.

Same goes for whipped cream.

Just add 1 tablespoon of bourbon to 1 cup of cream and whip away.

If you're finishing out the meal with coffee or tea, you know what to do. (Add bourbon.)

Bonus Round: Get some bourbon-glazed bacon all up in that leftover turkey sandwich.

A final word of advice: If your bourbon index drops to dangerously low levels at any point during Thanksgiving, there's no shame in some quality time with a bottle out back.

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