15 Products That’ll Make You Actually Look Forward To Second Semester

Step up your Studyblr game!

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1. Kokuyo Campus Notebooks, which have super-smooth paper that has dots and lines.

The design was inspired by the way actual college students take notes. Get a pack of six on Amazon for $9.97.

2. These gorgeous notebooks, which will make you look learned AF.

Available with lined, graph, or plain paper at JetPens for $8.50.

3. These beautiful duel-tip pastel highlighters.

Buy them for $6.75 from Jet Pens.

4. Or the iconic Zebra mildliners.

@focusign / Via,

Find all three color sets for $8.25 each on JetPens. (My favorite is the Cool & Refined set.)

5. These slim accordion folders, so you can keep everything in one place.

The colors are so beautiful! $7.99 each, on Amazon.

6. These folders, which I’m legitimately angry I didn’t have access to in college because they are so freaking pretty.

FYI, they aren’t the size of a full sheet of paper, so they are better for stashing small notes and slips of paper. $1.35 each, from JetPens.

7. These beautiful translucent sticky notes.

So elegant! $5.50 from JetPens.

8. Simple dot stickers, for designating anything and everything.

I have these and they are so tiny and beautiful and magical!!! They come in different shapes and colors too. Find them on JetPens for $4.95.

9. This set of 30 pens.

Color-coordinating your notes makes it easier to find important info. Plus, it looks nice! Grab them on Amazon for $15.90.

10. A pen pouch that you can throw in your bag, and that stands up on your desk.

Available in multiple colors/patterns for $14.50 from JetPens.

11. A set of sticky notes that make organization even easier.

Buy them on Amazon for $12.55.

12. This notebook, which is perfect if you like the look of a grid-like layout but don’t have the patience to draw it yourself.

$18.95 from MochiThings.

13. This zipper pouch, which keeps all of your crap nicely organized.

It even fits a 13” MacBook Pro! Available in five colors from MochiThings for $50.96.

14. These inspirational pencils, which are you on the first day of class…

$12 from The Happiness Planner.

15. And these, which are you on the last day of class.

$8 for a set of six from The Carbon Crusader on Etsy.


The markers referred to in #4 are Zebra Mildliners. An early version of this post referred to them as Zebra Midliners. Thanks to commenter Emily for pointing this out!

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