19 Products To Help You Take Your Bullet Journal To The Next Level

*creates “All The Things I’m Going To Buy” spread*

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1. These clear date stamps, which will trick everyone into thinking you have perfect penmanship.

From Atelier Dreams on Etsy for $15.

2. These magnetic bird bookmarks, so you never lose your place. (Click to enlarge.)

Available in seven different styles, just $2.95 (!!!) per set on Mochi Things.

3. Or these brass tabs, which are a gorgeous way to mark important pages., Rachel Miller / BuzzFeed

I own them and they look so nice IRL! Plus, they are very useful. Get them from Amazon — $9.99 for a set of six.

4. An organizer that can hold multiple notebooks, your favorite pens, and so much more.

Available in eight different prints/colors; get it from MochiThings for $32.26.

5. Or this one, which isn’t specifically for journaling supplies but would definitely get the job done!

Get it from My Brush Set for $4.99.

Plus it easily fits into bigger tote bags. Get it from My Brush Set for $4.99.

6. A stencil that makes it easier to add doodles and dividers.

Get it from JaydensApple on Etsy for $7.50, and browse other designs here.

7. Modern gold clips, which you can use to keep your journal laying flat on your desk.

Rachel Miller / Via, Rachel Miller

Get them from Amazon for $6. (Also available in black and copper.)

8. This set of three sherbet-colored slim journals, which are great if you want a supplementary journal for a specific topic, but don’t want to lug around a second 200-page hardcover.

Rachel Miller / BuzzFeed

I bought them to do my morning pages every day. Get them on Amazon for $9.90.

9. A washi tape set that makes it easy to add flair in every color.

Get the set of 20 for $15.39 on Amazon.

10. Or this washi tape, which is perfect for adding dates to your journal.

Available from The Supply Haven on Etsy for $7.38 (plus ~$4 shipping to the US).

11. And a washi tape organizer that makes it easier to keep track of it all.

Get it from Michaels for $14.99.

12. This genius pencil case, which slips over your journal and ensures that you never lose your favorite pens and pencils.

Rachel Miller / BuzzFeed

It’s not available online, but I bought it at Michaels for $6.99 (plus a coupon, duh) in the Happy Planner section, and I love it so much.

13. Or this pen loop, which you can add to any journal.

Available in multiple colors ranging from $5.75–$9.49 on Amazon.

14. A slim 6-inch ruler for perfecting your spreads.

I recommend keeping it in the pocket of your notebook if it has one! Get them on Amazon; $6.45 for the set of four.

15. Tombow dual brush pens, which make it easy to add beautiful colors throughout your journal.

Rachel Miller / Via, Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed / Via

Find them in sets here, or buy them individually at art stores (where they usually cost $2-–3 each).

16. This set of 24 gorgeous pens.

I’ve found that writing dates and/or headers in pretty colors is an easy way to make your journal look way more artistic and fancy. Get them on Amazon for $17.97.

17. Beautiful floral pencils for sketching out new layouts.

Buy the set of 12 for $12 at Rifle Paper Co.

18. A pocket sticker, which makes it easy to add a pocket to any journal.

Get it from Mochi Things for $2.95.

19. And these mini scissors, which are handy for trimming washi tape, or cutting receipts or other things you want to add to your journal.

They attach to your key ring! $8.25, from JetPens.

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