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This Is Not A Drill: LuLaRoe Is Releasing An Official Disney Collection

Get yourself some buttery soft Minnie Mouse leggings!

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Yesterday, the multi-level marketing company known for its wild prints announced, via an inexplicably slow-mo video, that an official Disney collaboration is happening.

Music: 'Open Waters' by Lael / Via Facebook: video.php

Despite the fact that the brand has recently had major quality control issues, LLR fans are pretty psyched.

Fans of both Disney and LuLaRoe were basically been hacking regular LuLaRoe leggings to make them “Disney" leggings — congregating in large Facebook groups and calling (for example) a pair rose leggings “Beauty and the Beast inspired,” or wearing black and white polka dot leggings with a red top to create a “Minnie Mouse” look.


There is no way to see all of LuLaRoe's prints at any given time, so it’s impossible to know exactly what will be included in the collection (or which prints and sizes might actually make it to your favorite seller). But! The video provides lots of clues about the general ~vibe~.


But if you're hoping to get a pair...good luck!

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Given LuLaRoe’s distribution model and the fact that trying to buy Halloween leggings was the basically The Hunger Games — and, one even cares about Halloween — I can only imagine how difficult it will be to actually score anything LuLaRoe x Disney.



This post has been updated with a credit for the song used in the video — it's "Open Waters" by Lael. 🎶

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