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23 Bridesmen & Groomswomen Who Prove Variety Is The Spice Of Life

A toast to bridesmen and groomswomen everywhere!

1. On your wedding day, your bridal party should be made up of the people you love most.

2. The ones who are going to keep you sane...

3. Lift you up...

4. And bear witness to one of the most memorable events of your life.

5. For a long time, it's just been assumed that those VIPs would be the same gender as you are.

6. But...so what?

7. When you stop and think about it, the idea of dividing wedding parties along gender lines is...kind of silly.

8. It makes way more sense to choose based on the bonds you have with friends and family.

9. Because lots of women have close male friends.

10. And plenty of guys have girl BFFs.

11. And why shouldn't those people be by your side on your big day?

12. If you're worried about what they should wear...

13. Well...don't.

14. These stunning squads show how easy it is to coordinate outfits across gender lines.

15. They can walk down the aisle in same-sex pairs, opposite-sex pairs, or one at a time.

16. And stand on the side of whichever newlywed they represent.

17. And don't stress about pre-wedding events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding showers, or spa trips...

18. It's not difficult at all to make these events inclusive and co-ed.

19. So if you're a groom with girl pals...

20. Or a bride with best guys...

21. Consider this permission to mix things up...

22. Buck tradition...

23. And make your wedding as unique as you are!