Screw It, Let’s Watch A Hot Knife Slice Through Some Inanimate Objects

Watch It Melt is exactly what we need right now.

1. It’s the day after Christmas, George Michael is dead, and I think we could all stand to zone out for a moment or two, yes? Yes. So here are some videos of hot knives slicing through random objects from Watch It Melt.

2. First up: this poor little rubber duck that has no idea what’s coming!

3. This jar of Vaseline:

4. Tiny Thor!!!

From the caption: “nothing against the Avengers, I just like to melt things”

5. Elmo :(

6. Minions :)

*Not melted with a hot knife, but you guys apparently hate Minions so I thought I should include it.

7. Now let’s watch a few in reverse!! Like this tower of erasers…

8. This Tide pod:

9. And this one, which goes forward and then backward and then forward and I can’t look away help:

10. Feel better? Me too! Check out more Watch It Melt videos on Instagram and YouTube.

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