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12 Pre-Disney Images Of "Beauty And The Beast" That Will Make You Question Everything

There may be something there that wasn't there before.

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1. Here they are in the 19th century as a warthog-looking beast and a classy lady with lavender hair and a fancy hat:

Buyenlarge / Getty Images

(This will not be the first time you look at Belle and think, Wow, get a load of THIS hipster.)


9. This beast, from the 1946 film La Belle et la BĂȘte, has the exasperated look of a man who just wishes his wife would stop saying she's fine and tell him what's wrong...


11. This 1975 beast is wearing tights, flats, a hot lil' mini, and a drugstore Halloween mask. Belle, meanwhile, appears to have come straight from the set of the Little House on the Prairie TV series.

12. And, finally, here's a TV show version of Beauty and the Beast that starred an '80s high school mean girl Belle who has fallen for her captor, a woman who has had way too much plastic surgery: