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    25 Life-Changing Gifts The Goodful Team Actually Loves And Recommends

    Thoughtful, beautiful, and practical gift ideas from all of us at Goodful.

    Happy holidays from the Goodful team! We love finding truly great products — the kind that will genuinely ~spark joy~, make your life better, and last you a while. And sharing those products with other people (either through recommendations or actually buying them the thing) is even more exciting.

    So! We put together a list of the products that we all love, own, and/or have actually given as gifts.

    We hope it'll inspire you and help you choose the perfect present for anyone who wants to make their life happier, healthier, and a little more beautiful.

    1. An organic face oil that looks way more expensive than it is.

    2. A few pairs of cushy and warm socks.

    3. A bamboo bee hotel that will attract ~peaceful pollinators~.

    4. A really nice journal.

    5. A countertop greenhouse that makes it possible to enjoy fresh herbs all year.

    6. A sleek electric toothbrush.

    7. A fancy toothpaste sampler.

    8. And some bougie dental floss to stick in their stocking.

    9. A book that will inspire more meaningful meetups.

    10. An acupressure mat that'll bring their aching body some dang relief and/or help them get a good night's sleep.

    11. A set of pretty playing cards.

    12. A beautiful shower cap (that actually works).

    13. A classy addition to their bathroom.

    14. A few reusable silicone food storage bags.

    15. A diffuser/humidifier that'll turn their home into a spa.

    16. A book that'll help them connect with nature a little bit more.

    17. An incredibly elegant pill case.

    18. A set of beeswax wraps.

    19. A set of reusable drinking straws for sipping more sustainably.

    20. A book that'll nourish their spirit and soul.

    21. The magical peeling gel that our team is obsessed with.

    22. A set of containers that'll make meal prep more enjoyable.

    23. A stupidly beautiful water bottle.

    24. A clay mask that basically vacuums out pores.

    25. And a double-sided puzzle.

    Happy gifting!

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