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    19 Practical Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Shop For

    If you know someone who just kind of shrugs when you ask them what they want for Christmas or their birthday, and who just doesn't love STUFF, this list is for you.

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    Because God has a sense of humor, I — a person who just loves stuff, and whose love language is gifts — am surrounded by a lot of practical people who just don't, like, care about presents. (?????) I used to find this frustrating, but over time I've found ways to give them gifts that surprise and delight them.

    Here are some of my faves:

    1. A nice lunch box.

    2. A neck, back, and shoulder massager.

    3. An electric kettle.

    4. An umbrella that won't fail on them.

    5. A squatty potty.

    6. And while we're on the topic of butt stuff, a bidet isn't a bad idea.

    7. Just a bunch of batteries.

    8. A grocery bag organizer.

    9. A new pillow.

    10. Reusable bags for shopping for and/or storing produce.

    11. A clothing steamer.

    12. A versatile pushcart.

    13. A lil' butter saver or a big-ass butter dish.

    14. A hot water bottle.

    15. A pair of cushy knee pads.

    16. A pack of razor blades.

    17. A new shower cap.

    18. An incredibly practical book.

    19. And a roll of quarters.

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