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16 Excellent Gifts For Woke Babies

"A is for activist..."

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2. This coloring book, which explores "the subjects of transness, gender creativity, intersexuality, and sexism in a positive and playful fashion."


6. This alphabet board book, which helps toddlers learn their letters and their heroes.


9. Or this onesie, to remind them that black lives matter.


15. Anything by Todd Parr.

Parr writes books like The Family Book ($6.95), The Peace Book ($6), and It's Okay to Be Different ($6.95). His latest is Be Who You Are ($11.61), in which he writes, "When I was growing up in a small town in Wyoming, I felt like I didn't fit in. The other kids were interested in sports, but I wasn't. For my fourth-grade class photo, I wore a clip-on tie and purple sunglasses because I thought it was cool, but nobody else did. It was hard for me to learn to read and follow along in class. So, I was always trying to figure out how to fit in and be like everyone else. Finally, I realized it's easier and more fun to just BE WHO YOU ARE." <3

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