21 Very Merry Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas

    Deck your notebook!

    Yay, it's Christmastime — which, for some of us, means a bunch of new bullet journal opportunities!

    1. Create a spread that helps you keep track of gift ideas and purchases. (Click any image to enlarge.)

    2. If you don't want as much space for details, you could try a spread like this for extended family:

    3. And if you need more space, or want to keep an ongoing list all year, you could give each VIP their own page, like this:

    4. Keep a list of all the gifts you (and/or your kids) have received, and add a column you can check after you've sent the thank you notes.

    5. If you always find yourself buying little "just in case" gifts, keep a list of all of them and then mark off the ones you've given out.

    6. Keep track of everyone you want to send Christmas cards to.

    7. If you're traveling, add packing lists to your bujo, and make a separate list (or section) for the Christmas-specific items you don't want to forget.

    8. Make a page with December-specific goals/little reminders.

    9. Design your own Advent calendar.

    10. Write (or paste in) your favorite Christmas recipes.

    11. Write down all the little things you're loving during the holiday season.

    12. And don't feel guilty setting aside some space to record all of the things you don't love during the holiday season.

    13. If you don't have time for elaborate spreads, add a bit of cheer by just making headers/dates more colorful. (Click image for details.)

    14. Make a page for your holiday bucket list.

    15. Create a spread for all of your favorites from the current year and add to the list as the month progresses.

    16. Put all that seasonal washi tape to good use.

    17. Try some easy Christmas doodles. (Click the photos to enlarge.)

    18. Or grab some pre-made stickers to help you get the job done.

    19. If you're into hand-lettering, practice with lines from your favorite Christmas songs or movies.

    20. If you want a more scrapbook-like vibe, check out this blog (scroll down after you click) for some amazing inspiration.

    21. And finally...set aside time to work on it!