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    Here's What You Should Make Your Family This Christmas

    And yes, you ARE crafty enough for this.

    Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    'Tis the season for taking lots of photos...

    Instead of letting them just sit on your phone, you could make a family holiday album that grows each year.

    MikeLaptev / Via

    Remember photo albums?

    It's like a lifelong baby book for your entire family. And trust: it can be remarkably simple and non-crafty.

    1. Continue taking All The Pics and maybe even try to get a little creative with them.

    Instead of just photographing the tree and the first snow of the year, take some less-expected pics (like a close-up of your favorite rolls of wrapping paper, a photo of the thermometer on Christmas Day, or the long line you waited in to get the perfect present).

    You could also use an app to add text to them or just filter the shit out of them (instant ~nOsTaLgIa~).

    2. Get a scrapbook that you can easily add pages to.

    A Project Life album, Sn@p! Studios album, or one of the many similar versions available at craft stores is great — the inserts' pockets allow for photos of all different sizes so you don't have to do any trimming or gluing. If you're short on photos for a page, you can just fill those slots in with the colorful pre-cut paper cards. So basically: no crafting necessary.

    You could also go old-school and get a classic photo album with paper pages; just make sure it has enough pages to last you several years.

    3. Print your holiday-related photos regularly.

    Elsie Larson / Via

    The Walgreens app is one of the easiest ways to print photos (including square Insta photos) from your phone. Upload photos and print each week, or just wait until the season is winding down and print everything at once.

    If you're in the 6 percent of the population who has a working printer, you could get some photo paper and print them at home.

    4. Put the photos into your album.

    And don't overthink it.

    5. Then add in other holiday-related items that you want to remember. Like the holiday cards you receive from friends and family.

    Because really, what else are you going to do with them on Jan. 1?

    You can either punch holes in them and clip them to the binder rings, or slip them all inside a large envelope and add the envelope to your album.

    6. Or the new holiday recipes you made, along with family favorites.

    Add photos of the finished product if you’re feeling fancy.

    7. You could add the little ones' Christmas lists. / Via

    (If they are mailing them to Santa, scan them or take a photo first.)

    8. Or ask everyone in your family the same question each year and record their answers.

    9. Get creative or keep it as minimal as you like.

    10. The point is to do something simple enough that you'll actually stick with it. / Via

    So don't stress about buying a ton of supplies to make it Pinterest-perfect.

    11. When the holiday season ends, pack the album away with the decorations and don’t bring it out again until next December.

    Elsie Larson / Via

    By only displaying it during the holiday season, it becomes a little more special.

    12. Add to that same album each year so you it keeps growing.

    13. Within a few years, it'll be a meaningful piece of your family history.

    Because there are some holiday moments you'll want to remember forever.

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