9 Things You Probably Don't Know About Daylight Saving Time

    Surprise: farmers have always been daylight saving time’s biggest opponent.

    Daylight saving time makes people feel A Way.

    1. Benjamin Franklin did not invent daylight saving time...though he definitely had some DST-adjacent ideas.

    2. In 1905, a British architect named William Willett invented daylight saving time.

    3. Daylight saving time really caught on during World War I as a way to conserve energy.

    4. Despite the association with farmers, daylight saving time actually came to the United States thanks to business owners (and war).

    5. After the war ended, farmers began to lobby aggressively to repeal daylight saving time.

    6. All hell broke loose.

    7. Another war came along and solved the problem...but then all hell broke loose again.

    8. In 1966, Congress finally got its life together.

    9. Since then, there have been successful attempts to extend the duration of daylight saving time, most of which were influenced, once again, by businesses. (But still not farmers! Never farmers!)

    But! We really should stop blaming farmers. 💡🕑☀️