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    25 Essential Tips For Your Disney World Honeymoon

    Start your happily ever after at the happiest place on earth!

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed Life

    It's no surprise that ~the happiest place on earth~ makes for a good honeymoon spot.

    In fact, Disney World is the #1 domestic honeymoon destination in the United States, according to Michelle Smits, a representative for Disney Honeymoons.

    If you're planning a Disney honeymoon, here are some great ideas for making the most of it...

    1. Consider registering for your Disney honeymoon.

    Guests can contribute cash or purchase special experiences for you instead of a traditional gift. Learn more here.

    2. If possible, go during an off-peak time.

    Courtesy of Disney Weddings & Honeymoons

    Disney travel specialist Susan Kelly of Travel Magic tells BuzzFeed Life that this will help you avoid crowds (and save money). Kelly says to aim for the last week of August through the end of September, or any time in January through the first two weeks of February. She also say there are "pockets of good times" in October and November, and suggests avoiding major holidays and school holidays (like spring break).

    3. Aim for a trip that lasts five to seven days.

    Smits says this will give you time to visit the four main parks, and also have time for things like a spa day or a day at one of Disney's water parks.

    4. Know that weekdays are less crowded than weekends.

    "Get married on Saturday, pack up on Sunday, and go on Monday," Kelly says. "There are more people in the park on weekends. It's like Costco."

    5. But no matter when you go, there will probably be something special happening. / Creative Commons

    In the fall, there's the Food & Wine Festival, while the spring brings the Flower & Garden Festival. There are also Christmas parties in December and Halloween events in October.

    6. Have an adventure on the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom. / Creative Commons

    Smits says this three-hour tour is a "super fun hidden gem." The privately guided tour includes seeing wild animals and making your way across a rope bridge; you'll also have a trained photographer tagging along to capture pictures of your adventure. Learn more here.

    7. Take a ride in an Amphicar. / Creative Commons

    Amphicars are vintage convertibles that drive on land and float on water. A captain will navigate your Amphicar on Downtown Disney’s Lake Buena Vistas. After the 20-minute ride, Kelly suggests grabbing a cocktail at The Boathouse, a newer waterfront restaurant in Downtown Disney.

    8. See the most mysterious parts of the park with the Keys to the Kingdom tour.

    Courtesy of Disney Weddings & Honeymoons

    Kelly says this five-hour walking tour is a good one for history buffs. Among other activities, you'll get to see the park's famous underground tunnels. Learn more about it here.

    9. Head to Jellyrolls for a fun night out. / Creative Commons

    Kelly says this dueling piano bar, located on Disney's BoardWalk, is an absolute blast. The bar serves beer and popcorn, and is a a popular hangout for Disney Parks cast members after-hours. "You could be sitting and singing next to Aladdin and not even know it," she says. "I've been to a few piano bars but I've never been to a place like this."

    10. Then head across the street to Atlantic Dance Hall. / Creative Commons

    It's a Deco-style space, but they play music from the ’80s, ’90s, and today. And you can hang out on the building's balconies and get a pretty view of Crescent Lake.

    11. Book a romantic fireworks cruise.

    Courtesy of Disney Weddings & Honeymoons

    Avoid the crowds and enjoy the Magic Kingdom's or Epcot's fireworks (along with champagne) from the comfort of a private yacht. Get more info here.

    12. Or have a romantic dinner at California Grill and watch the show from your table. / Creative Commons

    "If you get a table by the window, you can see Cinderella's Castle," says Disney enthusiast Cindy Smith. (She and her husband love Disney so much they moved from Michigan to Florida just to be closer to the fun.) "If you are there during the fireworks you can either watch them from your table or go outside to watch," she says. "During some times of the year, there are 360-degree fireworks and it's the best place to view them."

    And if your dinner reservation is before the fireworks, you can come back later with your receipt and you'll still be allowed to view them. Get more info here.

    13. If you need a little quiet time, pop into the Wilderness Lodge. / Creative Commons

    "There is a spot on the second floor that is tucked away with fireplaces and love seats," Smith says. "Sometimes you are the only ones in this area. Great for cuddling and quiet conversation in front of the fire."

    14. Surprise your sweetheart by arranging an "in-room celebration."

    15. Do breakfast at Kona Cafe.

    Jonathan Grant / Via

    Smith says this is her favorite restaurant/meal at Disney. "One of my favorites is the macadamia nut and pineapple pancakes. It's like pineapple upside-down cake in pancake form," she says. She also recommends the Tonga Toast (Hawaiian bread stuffed with bananas and topped with cinnamon sugar and strawberry compote, pictured above) and the French press Kona coffee. Get more info here.

    16. Dine like a Disney prince or princess at Cinderella's Royal Table. / Via Flickr: tombricker

    You can go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and there are photo ops with Cinderella and her fairy godmother. Note: The restaurant takes reservations 180 days in advance, and it's worth it to book as soon as you start planning your trip. Learn more here.

    17. Or go all-out at the upscale Victoria and Albert's.

    If you can afford to splurge, both Smits and Kelly suggest booking the chef's table for a true fine dining experience. Learn more here.

    18. If you want the Disney resort experience but are on a tight budget, check out the All-Star Music Resort. / Creative Commons

    A room with two double beds is $108/night. Or you could do a room with a bigger bed and a kitchenette (so you don't have to go out for every meal) for $216/night.

    Also, there's a guitar-shaped pool.

    19. For a mid-price hotel, check out the Port Orleans Resort.

    Flickr: expressmonorail

    You can enjoy a live jazz performance a few evenings each week, sip drinks at Mardi Grogs, and take a horse-drawn carriage ride (or a sleigh ride in the winter!) around the area. And the hotel's French vibe is super romantic. A room with a king bed and riverfront views is around $200/night.

    20. And you shouldn't feel bad about booking one of the less-expensive hotels.

    Courtesy Disney Weddings & Honeymoons

    "Once you leave your room and you're out there in Disney world... Dumbo doesn't care what you paid for your room," Kelly says.

    21. Save money by skipping the Park Hopper option.

    Courtesy Disney Weddings & Honeymoons

    The Park Hopper lets you go between the four theme parks at Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios) as much as you like...but it will add $50 to $60 per ticket. Kelly suggests planning to visit just one park each day to save a little extra cash.

    22. If you'll have at least one sit-down meal a day, purchase a dining plan.

    "If a traveler will use the table service credits, counter service meals, and snacks included in the dining plan, there is about a 20% savings," Kelly says. "The dining plan is tied to the number of nights you are staying. So if you stay five nights, you would get five table service meals, five counter meals, and five snacks per person."

    She recommends using table service for dinners (the most expensive meal), counter service for lunches, and turning a snack (like a bagel and coffee) into breakfast. "As long as people make use of everything they get, there is a savings. It also shifts your vacation experience to a more inclusive feel — which makes your meal experience more about what are you going to order versus what is this going to cost," she says.

    Learn more about the different dining plans here and find tips for maximizing your dining plan here.

    23. Grab some cute Disney honeymoon gear.

    Tori & Zach Roloff / Via Instagram: @toriroloff

    "If you are a honeymooner, wear the 'Happily Ever After' buttons they give you. Wear the hats," says Tori Roloff, whose Little People, Big World wedding airs on TLC on Tuesday, Aug. 25, and who recently went on a Disney honeymoon with her husband, Zach. "People will say congrats."

    You can get bride mouse ears here and groom mouse ears here. The Roloffs got their sweatshirts on Etsy, which has tons of options for Disney honeymooners.

    24. And don't be shy about letting everyone know you're on your honeymoon.

    Kelly says that Disney employees are always keeping an eye out for opportunities to celebrate and create ~magic moments~, so you should be up front and very vocal about it. "Just ask for it," she says. "Let them know when you book your hotel and when you check in."

    25. Have a plan...but be flexible.

    Tori & Zach Roloff / Via Instagram: @toriroloff

    "Have a plan and know where you're going. Disney World is huge," Tori says. But she suggests going with the flow when you can. "It's not like a normal vacation. At Disney you can turn a corner and watch a show. Stay in the moment."

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    Jellyrolls is located on Disney's BoardWalk. An earlier version of this post misstated its location. (H/T: Patrice Kelly for pointing this out.)


    The Park Hopper option adds $50–$60 per ticket; an earlier version of this post stated it adds $30 per ticket per day. (Thanks, sheilafiliponep, for catching that!)


    Some of the photos in this post have been updated to show Disney World instead of Disneyland.