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24 Couples Who Honored Their History And Jumped The Broom

"1, 2, 3...jump!"

1. If you've ever attended a black wedding, you may have seen the couple "jump the broom."

Peterson Design & Photography / Via

2. Though historians disagree on the exact roots of this tradition, many believe it was part of African culture before becoming part of African-American slave culture.

Cherise Richards Photography / Via

3. According to the African-American Registry, the broom as a wedding symbol originated in Ghana.

4. It "symbolized sweeping away past wrongs or removing evil spirits."

LeahAndMark / Via

5. At weddings, the broom was often waved over the heads of the couple, and they sometimes jumped over it at the end of the ceremony.

Mozingo Photography / Via

6. The ritual continued in the American South during slavery.

7. Enslaved people were often not permitted to marry.

Bri McDaniel Photography / Via

8. According to the book Life in Black and White: Family and Community in the Slave South, when they did marry, they had informal weddings.

Saab Weddings / Via!/home/

9. Jumping over a broom was a way to symbolically represent their union.

Diana P. Lang Photography / Via

10. Brenda E. Stevenson writes that it was one way enslaved people created new rituals.

11. Even if their marriage wasn’t recognized by whites, it was a way for black people to legitimize their meaningful relationships.

Helene Cornell, broom made by / Via

12. For modern couples, jumping the broom represents great joy and at the same time is a reminder of a painful past.

Kim Lind Photography / Via

13. Couples may choose a simple broom…

Miki Vargas / Via

14. Or a beautifully decorated one.

James Rubio Photography / Via

15. They might make it themselves...

Miki Vargas / Via

16. Or just buy one on Etsy.

we are for each other / Via

17. And many couples hang the broom in their home after the wedding.

Chad Pennington, Sobitart Photography / Via

18. Jumping the broom marks the beginning of making a home together.

Next Exit Photography / Via

19. It symbolizes the sweeping away of the old and the welcoming of the new.

20. And makes way for all of the good things to come in their life together.

2nd2Nunn Photography / Via

21. It's also a request for their community’s support of their marriage.

22. At the end of the ceremony, the officiant can invite all the wedding guests to count down...

K van D Photography / Via

23. "One, two, three..."

Katherine O'Brien Photography / Via

24. "JUMP!"

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