So, Teachers Realllllly Hate Those Spinner Fidget Toys

    "It’s like a friggin’ siren song. The allure of someone else’s spinner spinning is too much to bear."

    You may have spotted one of these "fidget toys" these here interwebs or IRL recently.

    Proponents of fidget widgets — which are aimed at people of all ages — say that having something to fidget with reduces anxiety, improves memory, and helps people concentrate, and claim that the toys can be especially helpful for kids who are on the autism spectrum or have ADHD.

    As a result, they've become super popular with students...and a lot of teachers are not here for it.

    Several schools have actually banned the toys outright.

    While they may help some students, the toys become a problem when an entire classroom full of children is playing with them — it distracts the other students and the teacher.

    Some schools are allowing them if the child has a note from a healthcare professional.

    Anyway, please fidget responsibly!