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    24 Of The Best Fidget Toys On The Internet

    For those who like things that spin, bend, and flick around — this post is for you.

    1. A cute edamame keychain that you can pop out over and over again.

    2. A small discreet bike chain to slide around smoothly.

    3. A magnetic modular pen that can be broken down to make ~art~.

    4. Exquisitely machined Begleri beads that you can twirl and flip around your fingers.

    5. A spinner that seems more geared toward you.

    6. Or if something less subtle is your thing, a gyroscope-y spinner.

    7. A bendable pen with a million different fidgety functions.

    8. A finger-sized chain toy to roll around and bend into different shapes.

    9. A Jeliku for folding into different shapes and structures.

    10. A container of kinetic sand to keep on your desk to give your hands a borderline erotic experience.

    11. A folding, looping, twisting brainteaser of a hinge toy.

    12. A set of pencils with various screws to fiddle with.

    13. Tiny, lightweight chain links that you can easily fit in your pocket.

    14. A set of tangle-y toys that you won't be able to put down.

    15. A "Zen-like Etch A Sketch" that uses only water to calm your mind.

    16. A durable doll designed to handle all your stress.

    17. A tiny sand garden to make patterns with on your desk.

    18. A spinning gyroscope to build up wrist strength and occupy your hands.

    19. A small shift lever that actually shifts.

    20. An enmeshed marble you can push around in your pocket.

    21. An infinite bubble wrap keychain to pop away your stress.

    22. Baoding balls that can help improve your hand dexterity.

    23. A Rubik's Cube to learn how to solve while working your mind and your hands.

    24. And a two-tone ring with a center ring that spins separately.

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