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15 Fruity Summer Drinks Guaranteed To Get You Lit

Perfect drinks for hot summer nights!

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1. Watermelon Basil Margaritas

Recipe here.
Mesa Cooking Co. / Via

2. Boozy Basil Blueberry Lemonade

Recipe here.
What Should I Make For / Via

3. Orange Mango Coconut Boozy Bobas

Recipe here.
Cali Girl Cooking / Via

4. Cucumber Gin and Tonic Float

Recipe here.
The Little Epicurean / Via

5. Rhubarb Old-Fashioned Cocktail

Recipe here.
Bourbon and Honey / Via

6. Boozy Strawberry Limeade Slushie

Recipe here.
The Chunky Chef / Via

7. Pineapple Whiskey Sour

Recipe here.
Just Putzing Around the Kitchen / Via

8. Red Sangria

Recipe here.
The Hungary Buddha / Via

9. Ginger Beer Mojito

Recipe here.
Crumb Kitchen / Via

10. Red Currant Caipirinha

Recipe here.
Olivia's Cuisine / Via

11. Skinny Margarita

Recipe here.
Well Plated / Via

12. Galvanina Grapefruit Lemon Rosemary Gin Cocktail

Recipe here.
Wallflower Kitchen / Via

13. Cucumber Melon Ball Wine Cooler

Recipe here.
Superman Cooks / Via

14. Hibiscus Vodka Cocktail With Mint and JalapeƱo

Recipe here.
Nerds with Knives / Via

15. Peach Raspberry Spritzer

Recipe here.
Smart Little Cookie / Via

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