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35 Easy Ways To Use Up Sunday Lunch Leftovers

Give lunchtime leftovers a new lease of life.

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1. Reuben Sandwich

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This American classic is the only way to use up leftover brisket. You simply toast it with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese between two slices of rye bread or pumpernickel. Get the recipe here. To use up leftover roast pork, there's always the twist-on-a-classic Cuban Reuben. Recipe here.


2. Boxty

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Boxty, or Irish potato cakes, are a cracking way of using up leftover mashed potato. Often corned beef is added to them, but any finely cut meat will work. This recipe keeps things plain and simple, with an egg garnish. Get it here.


8. Italian Sandwich

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It's thought that this delicacy originated in the Italian enclaves in Chicago. Spice up leftover beef with green bell peppers and lashings of Italian giardiniera. Get the recipe here.

9. Chicken and Pearl Barley Broth

The Food I Eat / Via

If you've boiled down the chicken bones to make a sumptuous stock, then use it to cook pearl barley – add leftover roast vegetables and you've got a Sunday-roast-themed broth. Recipe here.


22. Jambalaya

Martha Stewart / Via

Pork leftovers? Chicken leftovers? It doesn't really matter what meat you have – give it the New Orleans treatment by chucking it into a spicy jambalaya. Get the recipe here.

24. Frittata

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A frittata is a classic vehicle for leftovers. Scroll to the bottom of the link to find inspiration for how leftover roast potatoes, chicken, and broccoli can be recycled into a teatime frittata. Get the recipe here.

27. Coronation Chicken

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Coronation chicken was originally created for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953. Now a classic sandwich filling, it's a great way to use up leftover roast chicken. Get the recipe here.


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