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    14 Things We've Tried, Loved, And Want Everyone To Know About

    Our favorite meal solutions, small biz finds, skincare picks, and more.

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    First up are some product picks from Marquaysa, our incredible Small Business Strategist whose style is unmatched, wit is immaculate, and smile lights up a room and a Zoom call alike!

    marquaysa in a cable knit sweater

    1. A tube Black Girl Sunscreen so you can protect your gorgeous melanated skin without your sunscreen causing a white cast and ruining your glow.

    buzzfeed editor holding a tube of black girl sunscreen

    2. An Amazon Fresh subscription so your tasty treats and ingredients can come to you every once in a while — perfect for anyone who normally has trouble sticking to their list.

    buzzfeed editor's bundle of bananas and a watermelon

    3. An "End Systematic Racism" bag by Brandon Blackwood to make a necessary, timeless statement with your statement bag.

    buzzfeed editor holding a small, square tan bag reading "End Systematic Racism" in small metal letters on the front

    On Marquaysa's wishlist right now? A vitalizing Pineapple and Papaya Exfoliating Mask, the biggest candle I have ever seen, an luxurious-yet-comfy satin-lined hoodie, and some incredible crystal-embellished fishnets.

    Next up is Skyler, a member of our social team whose love for Twilight persists, and I'm glad! When we get back to the office, we're blasting the New Moon soundtrack — aka the best movie soundtrack of all time — and nobody can stop us!

    skyler smiling

    4. A birthdate candle from Birthdate Co whose scent and ~vibe~ will be in alignment with your astrological signs. Groovy!

    buzzfeeder's candle in a jar that says "september twenty-eighth, the day of the fluttering candle" with small astrological sign details for that date

    5. A "Detroit City 'til I Die" sweatshirt from Not Sorry Goods to rep your favorite midwestern city with pride. Nobody does perfect spring nights like the Motor City! And Not Sorry Goods has tons of (often customizable) crewnecks and apparel to choose from if you're not lucky enough to be from or live in Detroit.

    buzzfeeder in a maroon crewneck sweatshirt with "detroit city 'til I die" embroidered in mustard along the neckline

    6. A budget planner and recipe journal so you can get your finances and fridge in order. Knowing how much money you have and exactly what's in your pantry? What a concept!

    buzzfeeder holding the budget planner and a recipe book that reads "bunch of forking recipes I can cook" with forks in the middle of the word "forking"

    7. A twin-size patterned blanket from Native-owned brand Kotah Bear that's super soft and super beautiful — a twofer!

    blue, white, tan, and red patterned blanket folded and hangin over a fence

    On Skyler's wishlist right now? An *expertly* designed tee, a candle set that's a big mood, a book of some serious fashion inspo, and a DIY bubble tea kit that's making me really want a glass of the good stuff!

    Now for some picks from Maitland, an editor who can turn a phrase with the best of 'em and whose dedication to a flawless red lip is absolutely exemplary.

    maitland smiling

    8. A night cream from CeraVe that'll deliver tons of moisture without leaving you feeling greasy by morning. Waking up to soft, supple skin every day? Heavenly.

    buzzfeed editor holding a jar of cream captioned "mega moisture without ever feeling greasy, even on combo skin, and it got me through an allergic reaction"

    9. A percale sheet set from Parachute for anyone whose linens game needs a nice little update. This 100% cotton set is lightweight, soft, and just the step-up you need.

    buzzfeed editor touching white pillowcase captioned "softest sheets ever"

    10. A Hello Fresh subscription for anyone who would hypothetically like to cook at home more but needs a little helping hand. Hello Fresh is here to be your sous chef.

    buzzfeed editor's plate of broccoli, rice, and shrimp with sauce captioned "I can't stop thinking about this slightly sweet spicy mayo"

    On Maitland's wishlist right now? A remarkable tulle scrunchie, an eye-catching gold clothing rack, a confidence-boosting Bridget Jones poster, and a repairing Briogeo haircare duo.

    And last but not least, some picks from Sam, whose pop culture knowledge is absolutely off the charts! She also co-wrote the definitive power ranking of T-Swift songs which I *highly* recommend perusing.

    sam smiling

    11. A custom face lotion from Curology that's formulated with your skin's specific needs in mind. Just answer some questions, snap a few pics of your skin, and look forward to your unique-to-you skincare product's arrival.

    buzzfeed editor holding a pink bottle of curology lotion

    12. A Mickey Mouse beaded mask chain from TiffysCraftCreations on Etsy so you can keep track of this year's literal must-have accessory in style.

    buzzfeed editor's black mask with a beaded clear, red, and mickey mouse head chain attached

    13. A water bottle with (pretty) silicone bands to help you track your water intake throughout the day. Let me be the one millionth person this week to remind you that hydration is key!

    buzzfeed editor's clear water bottlr with rainbow colored bands and a teal straw

    14. A pair of Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers to treat your feet to some serious comfort day in and day out. A classic Adidas look with with a lil' more support than your old pair of Superstars.

    buzzfeed editor's grey and white fabric sneakers

    On Sam's wishlist right now? An at-home cocktail kit, a cute-as-can-be bookshelf tracker bookmark, and a folklore sweatshirt no Swiftie's closet would be complete without.

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