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    14 Things We've Tried, Loved, And Want Everyone To Know About

    Our favorite meal solutions, small biz finds, skincare picks, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    First up are some product picks from Marquaysa, our incredible Small Business Strategist whose style is unmatched, wit is immaculate, and smile lights up a room and a Zoom call alike!

    marquaysa in a cable knit sweater
    Marquaysa Battle / BuzzFeed

    In her own words: "Hi, I'm Marquaysa! Most of my friends call me Quay. I love music, books, films, food and all that basic stuff that everyone says they love tbh. I suck at social media (but I'm getting better) bc I'm still a fan of OG communication (actual factual phone calls and IRL conversations, oh my!). Let's see... what else... I like tea, coffee, and wine but DEF not in that order. It's so hard to describe myself to others but hopefully this'll suffice."

    1. A tube Black Girl Sunscreen so you can protect your gorgeous melanated skin without your sunscreen causing a white cast and ruining your glow.

    buzzfeed editor holding a tube of black girl sunscreen
    Marquaysa Battle / BuzzFeed

    Black Girl Sunscreen is a Black woman-owned brand. The sunscreen is SPF 30 and is paraben-free, fragrance-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

    Marquaysa says: "Babyyy! This was the best beauty find of 2020 for me. The first body sunscreen I've found that does NOT leave me looking ashy. Wearing sunscreen regularly (yup, even in the fall) is one of my new self-care methods and I feel good putting this on knowing it a) doesn't look ghostly on me and b) was made by Black women just like me."

    Get it from Target for $15.99.

    2. An Amazon Fresh subscription so your tasty treats and ingredients can come to you every once in a while — perfect for anyone who normally has trouble sticking to their list.

    buzzfeed editor's bundle of bananas and a watermelon
    Marquaysa Battle / BuzzFeed

    Mayquaysa says: "No, listen. I HATE grocery shopping with a passion and that feeling predates the pandemic. Still, I never ordered groceries because it felt... lazy of me? Thanks to social distancing efforts, I tried Amazon Fresh and WHEN I TELL YOU I AM NEVER GOING BACK?! It's sincerely one of my fave things this quarantine. Wrote a song about it too and it goes like THIS."

    Get Amazon Fresh for free with an Amazon Prime Subscription.

    3. An "End Systematic Racism" bag by Brandon Blackwood to make a necessary, timeless statement with your statement bag.

    buzzfeed editor holding a small, square tan bag reading "End Systematic Racism" in small metal letters on the front
    Marquaysa Battle / BuzzFeed

    Brandon Blackwood is a Jamaican and Chinese designer based in New York who founded his brand in 2015. The "End Systematic Racism Bag" is the brand's signature piece.

    Marquaysa says: "Love at first sight. I haven't been a 'bag person' in years (since maybe high school when you were lit if you had a Coach bag and extra lit if you had a Dooney. I did, in fact, have both, lmao). Then, I lost my love for bags altogether. This year, it's back and way better. This simple Brandon Blackwood beauty, I had to have. It's sold out rn, but join the waitlist. Proceeds go to Pro Bono legal assistance provided by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights. xoxo"

    Get it from Brandon Blackwood for $85. (This bag is currently sold out — even for preorder! — but bookmark the page and follow @brandonblackwoodnyc on Instagram for updates on when there might be a restock! Absolutely worth the wait.)

    On Marquaysa's wishlist right now? A vitalizing Pineapple and Papaya Exfoliating Mask, the biggest candle I have ever seen, an luxurious-yet-comfy satin-lined hoodie, and some incredible crystal-embellished fishnets.

    Next up is Skyler, a member of our social team whose love for Twilight persists, and I'm glad! When we get back to the office, we're blasting the New Moon soundtrack — aka the best movie soundtrack of all time — and nobody can stop us!

    skyler smiling
    Slyler Murry

    In her own words: "Hi, I'm Skyler! I'm a Social Media Strategist on the Commerce Social team at BuzzFeed. I'm from Detroit, home of Motown + Techno and the ~true~ Coney Island in my heart. These days, though, you can find me in Brooklyn saying 'pop' without a care in the world. When I'm not working, I spend my time expressing my opinions very loudly about Twilight and Gossip Girl (okay this one I do at work too 😅), buying too many new books and never reading them, teaching myself Spanish, and finding new recipes to cook poorly. It's basically a pre-req to love shopping if you join the Commerce Team, right? Well, I'm a sucker for a good crop top, a funky earring, and a luxurious moisturizer! If you like those things too, we'll be great friends! Idk what else you could possibly want to know about me, but I'm a Libra, my YouTube feed is regularly Kpop MVs and 25 min long pedicure videos, and I like long walks on the beach. That do it for ya?"

    4. A birthdate candle from Birthdate Co whose scent and ~vibe~ will be in alignment with your astrological signs. Groovy!

    buzzfeeder's candle in a jar that says "september twenty-eighth, the day of the fluttering candle" with small astrological sign details for that date
    Skyler Murry / BuzzFeed

    Skyler says: "I am a candle FIEND! And I love astrology! This candle is just the best of both worlds. The label and fragrance are customized based on your birth date to match your "inner spirit." The company provides descriptions of your personality, your emblematic tarot card, ruling planet, and ruling number. Such a fun astrological reading in the cutest packaging! I honestly felt like I was getting read to filth but I loved how detailed it was. This candles burns so smoothly, too, and my particular scent of hydrangea, peony, and jasmine is just so me. I love the delicate floral scent as it's strong without being overbearing."

    Get it from Birthdate Co for $38.

    5. A "Detroit City 'til I Die" sweatshirt from Not Sorry Goods to rep your favorite midwestern city with pride. Nobody does perfect spring nights like the Motor City! And Not Sorry Goods has tons of (often customizable) crewnecks and apparel to choose from if you're not lucky enough to be from or live in Detroit.

    buzzfeeder in a maroon crewneck sweatshirt with "detroit city 'til I die" embroidered in mustard along the neckline
    Skyler Murry / BuzzFeed

    Not Sorry Goods is a Black and Latinx woman-owned brand based in Detroit that focusses on eco-friendly and upcycled apparel.

    Skyler says: "I love being from Detroit (even in Brooklyn!) so recently I've been trying to start a rolodex of Detroit-based businesses that I love and want to shop from regularly. I don't remember how I found Not Sorry Goods, but it was a match made in heaven instantly! Like it literally checks all the boxes: Not Sorry is a an inclusive, sustainable, women-owned, Black and Latinx-owned, affordable brand that features the most badass apparel and accessories that are not only Michigan centric but speak to a whole slew of identities. This crewneck is so soft and warm and the embroidery is absolutely beautiful. Best believe I picked up a tote bag too and WILL be coming back for more!"

    Get the "Detroit City 'til I Die" sweatshirt from Not Sorry Goods for $45 (available in sizes S–2XL, five colors, and 12 thread colors) and shop all of their apparel here.

    6. A budget planner and recipe journal so you can get your finances and fridge in order. Knowing how much money you have and exactly what's in your pantry? What a concept!

    buzzfeeder holding the budget planner and a recipe book that reads "bunch of forking recipes I can cook" with forks in the middle of the word "forking"
    Skyler Murry / BuzzFeed

    Skyler says: "I call these my adulting books. Before these I had no real understanding of money and financial literacy or cooking something other than pasta for dinner, but these two books were a great first step in acknowledging that I could be handling my money better and not ordering out so much. The budget planner comes with great layouts, examples on how to fill them in, and stickers! And the recipe book can hold 50 recipes and comes with a table of contents so you find your go-to's so easily (you won't have to read through that blogger's story about how her limoncello cupcakes saved her grandfather from war or anything!)"

    Get them from Amazon: the budget planner for $19.99 and the recipe journal for $7.99.

    7. A twin-size patterned blanket from Native-owned brand Kotah Bear that's super soft and super beautiful — a twofer!

    blue, white, tan, and red patterned blanket folded and hangin over a fence
    Kotah Bear

    Skyler says: "In my ongoing effort to shop smaller and POC-owned businesses this year, I found Kotah Bear on IG! It's a Native-owned (specifically Diné) boutique that supports Native artisans across the Southwest and features all kinds of jewelry and home goods. This blanket was seriously, probably my best purchase of quarantine. 😤 I bought it when it was entirely too warm to be wrapped up in all day, but that didn't stop me! It's just so plush and warm and beautiful to look at."

    Get it from Kotah Bear for $59 (available in 16 patterns).

    On Skyler's wishlist right now? An *expertly* designed tee, a candle set that's a big mood, a book of some serious fashion inspo, and a DIY bubble tea kit that's making me really want a glass of the good stuff!

    Now for some picks from Maitland, an editor who can turn a phrase with the best of 'em and whose dedication to a flawless red lip is absolutely exemplary.

    maitland smiling
    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    In her own words: "When I'm not trying products and writing about them in my job as Senior Editor for all you wonderful BuzzFeed readers I'm...still shopping for myself and all my friends and family. As a Virgo, I expect everyone to take my shopping advice. But when I'm not doing THAT, I love to bake, eat sweet treats other people have baked, read on my beloved Kindle Paperwhite, and catch up with friends during FaceTime happy hours. I'm looking forward to getting back to trying new restaurants, hitting up some bar trivia, going to the theater, and traveling, but in the meantime you can find me snacking under the blankets and watching so much Love Island UK that when I drop a potato chip I yell 'I'm absolutely fumin'!' Always happy to share my strong opinions on red lipstick and chocolate cake recipes, and hope you enjoy the suggestions below!"

    8. A night cream from CeraVe that'll deliver tons of moisture without leaving you feeling greasy by morning. Waking up to soft, supple skin every day? Heavenly.

    buzzfeed editor holding a jar of cream captioned "mega moisture without ever feeling greasy, even on combo skin, and it got me through an allergic reaction"
    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Maitland says: "Along with everyone else who watches TikTok, I got very into CeraVe products this year — and I loved this night cream as soon as I started using it. It's plumping, softening, and hydrating — without any greasiness or overpowering fragrances. But it wasn't until I had an allergic reaction to a *different* cream that I truly understood how great this (budget-friendly!) one is — it brought my skin back to normal in just a week."

    Get it from Amazon for $13.98 (it's currently backordered but usually ships in one to four weeks) or Target for $13.99.

    9. A percale sheet set from Parachute for anyone whose linens game needs a nice little update. This 100% cotton set is lightweight, soft, and just the step-up you need.

    buzzfeed editor touching white pillowcase captioned "softest sheets ever"
    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    The set comes with one fitted sheet and two pillowcases, with the option to add a flat sheet.

    Maitland says: "A few months ago I switched from a set of very old, pilling sheets to these babies, and....... the difference could not be larger. These sheets are SO SOFT, I just want to burrow into them. They wash up beautifully, and I have never loved being in bed more (and...I already loved being in bed). I can honestly say I've never slept in more comfortable sheets."

    Get it from Parachute for $109+ (available in twin–California king sizes and with or without a flat sheet, as well as eight colors).

    10. A Hello Fresh subscription for anyone who would hypothetically like to cook at home more but needs a little helping hand. Hello Fresh is here to be your sous chef.

    buzzfeed editor's plate of broccoli, rice, and shrimp with sauce captioned "I can't stop thinking about this slightly sweet spicy mayo"
    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Maitland says: "Sometimes figuring out dinner is annoying. The recipe picking, ingredient fetching, using my phone to read the recipe with sticky fingers — ugh. So when things get especially busy at work or otherwise, I reactivate my Hello Fresh account and get a few weeks of meals to make things easier. The recipes are delicious, I've learned new cooking techniques, and the serving size is big, so I can get two dinners and a lunch at *minimum* out of the the 'two person serving.' Tonight I'm having ramen, and I am very excited."

    Subscribe to Hello Fresh starting at $7.49/serving.

    On Maitland's wishlist right now? A remarkable tulle scrunchie, an eye-catching gold clothing rack, a confidence-boosting Bridget Jones poster, and a repairing Briogeo haircare duo.

    And last but not least, some picks from Sam, whose pop culture knowledge is absolutely off the charts! She also co-wrote the definitive power ranking of T-Swift songs which I *highly* recommend perusing.

    sam smiling
    Sam Wieder / BuzzFeed

    In her own words: "I’m a writer on the BuzzFeed Shopping team and living on Long Island. When I’m not writing about products, I can be found reading a book, playing with my family’s adorable Havanese puppy, Bailey, or trying out a new recipe. I’m also a big pop culture fanatic! I love all things Taylor Swift (folklore and evermore have been my 2020 soundtracks), The Mindy Project, and can recite every single line of my all-time favorite movie, The Parent Trap (the 1998 version). When it comes to shopping, I love finding a good deal on kitchen products, clothing, and skincare. I’m also obsessed with Etsy and could spend hours just browsing through all of the unique, cool finds that small businesses have to offer — especially when it comes to candles, fan-made merch, and creative gift ideas!"

    11. A custom face lotion from Curology that's formulated with your skin's specific needs in mind. Just answer some questions, snap a few pics of your skin, and look forward to your unique-to-you skincare product's arrival.

    buzzfeed editor holding a pink bottle of curology lotion
    Sam Wieder / BuzzFeed

    Sam says: "I am prone to hormonal acne breakouts and have tried just about EVERYTHING. Most topical creams tend to irritate my skin, and medications have either given me side effects like nausea or allergic reactions. I’ve been using Curology for five months now and my skin has truly never looked better. It’s gentle, only needs to be applied once a day, and other than getting a small pimple here or there, I haven’t had a full-fledged breakout, even with stress and mask-wearing since I started using this."

    Get it from Curology for $24.50.

    12. A Mickey Mouse beaded mask chain from TiffysCraftCreations on Etsy so you can keep track of this year's literal must-have accessory in style.

    buzzfeed editor's black mask with a beaded clear, red, and mickey mouse head chain attached
    Sam Wieder / BuzzFeed

    Sam says: "Because it’s the year 2020 and shopping for things that enhance the mask-wearing experience is now a ~thing,~ I love finding cute mask chains from Etsy, and this Disney-themed one is my favorite. The chain feels thick and sturdy, it makes wearing a mask so much easier, and the black Mickey beads are just so adorable."

    Get it from TiffysCraftCreations on Etsy for $13.

    13. A water bottle with (pretty) silicone bands to help you track your water intake throughout the day. Let me be the one millionth person this week to remind you that hydration is key!

    buzzfeed editor's clear water bottlr with rainbow colored bands and a teal straw
    Sam Wieder / BuzzFeed

    Sam Wieder: "I got this water bottle over the summer to keep track of my daily water intake and it’s still my favorite water bottle I’ve ever purchased. The rubber bands make it feel less like tracking my water intake, and more like playing a game. I also LOVE a water bottle with a straw, because it somehow feels less tedious than sipping it directly from a glass. So overall, this gets a million/10 ranking."

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    14. A pair of Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers to treat your feet to some serious comfort day in and day out. A classic Adidas look with with a lil' more support than your old pair of Superstars.

    buzzfeed editor's grey and white fabric sneakers
    Sam Wieder / BuzzFeed

    Sam says: "Unfortunately, I have big, wide feet, so shoe shopping is never a fun experience for me. When I find a pair of shoes I truly love, I feel the need to shout about them from the rooftops, so hello, I am here to shout that I LOVE THESE SNEAKERS. Sorry not sorry to all of my other shoes that I am about to ditch, because I will be wearing these 24/7!!! They truly feel like walking on clouds and they’re so cute! Truly, a win/win situation."

    Get them from Adidas for $70 (available in sizes 5–11 and seven colors).

    On Sam's wishlist right now? An at-home cocktail kit, a cute-as-can-be bookshelf tracker bookmark, and a folklore sweatshirt no Swiftie's closet would be complete without.

    Loving these finds? To hear about more fantastic products personally loved and recommended by the BuzzFeed Shopping Team, subscribe to the Want This newsletter in the box below!