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    24 Little Things That'll Help Cheer You Up On A Cloudy Day

    Silly, squishy, and happy-making things (all for under $25)!

    1. A mini waving inflatable tube guy so you always have a lively companion at your desk. Meet your new work husband.

    2. A variety pack of Bazooka candies so you can get your sugar rush on like it's 2002.

    3. A pair of goldfish earrings that will look just ~swimming~ on you.

    4. An edamame keychain and fidget toy so cute you'll be tempted to eat it up. But like...please don't.

    5. A cat butt coloring book because there's beauty in the banal, especially when it comes to those booties cats love to show off so much.

    6. A supply of squishy animals that are there to cheer you on and provide some much needed stress-relief whenever you're in need.

    7. A cactus ring holder you'll like so much you'll want to put *several* rings on it.

    8. A set of hand tool pens so you can literally ~hammer~ out all the work you need to do.

    9. A unicorn horn bath bomb to give your relaxing bath time a magical ~twist~.

    10. A pack of affirmation cards so you can always remember just how frikkin' amazing you are. Each card has a little inspiring passage, so draw one each day, or — if you're really in need of a smile — rip through that pack like there's no tomorrow.

    11. A pair of pet sunglasses I don't think I should have to explain to you. LOOK at these photos and tell me this wouldn't be the single greatest purchase of your life.

    12. A boba purse that will make you ~bubble~ over with happiness.

    13. A baguette wrist rest for anyone in the ~upper crust~ who wants their hands to be luxuriously comfy at all times.

    14. A literal pair of rose-colored glasses so you can start to see things in a new way.

    15. A "More Cowbell" Funko Pop if you've got a sickness and the only cure is a hilarious figurine.

    16. A pair of tiny hands that will entertain you until the end of time.

    17. A pie-shaped catnip toy so you can watch your cat go nuts over a slice of the good stuff, which like...same.

    18. A set of floral measuring spoons in case you need to measure a ~little flour~.

    19. A set of sloth wine glass markers so everyone in your apartment can tell whose glass is whose as they sip on their drink niiiiice and sloooow.

    20. A set of colorful compliment pencils. If you don't have anything nice to say, get a pencil to say it for you.

    21. A pair of corgi butt shorts so that any time you're feeling down, you can transform into the most majestic creature to ever walk on four little paws.

    22. A rainbow bathmat because somewhere over the rainbow there's always a nice hot shower just calling your name.

    23. A pair of Bob Ross socks so you can have two happy little feet.

    24. A Holly Golightly sleep mask you can perch on your head while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's — your perfect bad mood day movie.

    Hope these goodies cheer you up!

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