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    25 Coffee Products That Amazon Reviewers Absolutely Love

    If Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were real, I think they would give these things five stars. Amy Sherman-Palladino, please confirm.

    1. A Yeti Rambler mug that keeps coffee hot for a ridiculously long time by using double-wall vacuum insulation. Whether you're an explorer in the tundra or a mom who keeps getting distracted by her toddler, you deserve coffee that stays hot for as long as possible.

    2. A JavaPresse manual grinder with an adjustable grind selector that lets you choose from 18 different coarseness levels. You'll have the perfect ground coffee *and* a valid excuse for skipping arm day at the gym.

    3. A Kona French press to quickly and quietly make your daily brew with zero disposable filters. The unique shell protects the glass pitcher, and the whole thing is dishwasher-safe. I'm on Team French Press because it's the least work-intensive method possible, which is exactly my speed in the morning.

    4. A leak- and spill-proof Contigo stainless steel travel mug for keeping your coffee piping hot and your worries over spills at an all time low.

    5. An Aeropress coffee and espresso maker whose rapid total immersion brewing (aka you stir it) has made it a favorite of both coffee enthusiasts and people just looking for a quick cup. It only takes 30–60 seconds to brew, and its super-fine filtering ensures your cup is grit-free every single time.

    6. A cold brew maker so you can save a little money on your favorite caffeine habit. Just add coffee to the filter, fill with water, and let it sit in the fridge overnight to awake to the gift of delicious cold brew. Santa could never.

    7. A KitchenAid electric grinder with a removable bowl that makes it easy to transfer the ground coffee to the maker of your choice. It makes minimal noise and has fill lines for four, eight, ten, and twelve cups so you get the perfect strength every time.

    8. A Hario coffee dripper, because sometimes simple is better. These make the perfect single cup and are unbelievably easy to clean.

    9. A multipack of Nutpods dairy-free creamer made from almond and coconut to give your coffee a smooth, creamy finish without upsetting your tummy. Reviewers say that Nutpods also gives their drink a pleasant sweetness, alleviating the need for additional sweeteners.

    10. A stovetop espresso maker that makes rich, smooth espresso in under five minutes. Just add water, coffee, heat, and enjoy!

    11. A classic 12-cup Mr. Coffee, because these machines will absolutely make coffee until the end of time. I expect my Mr. Coffee to outlive me and speak at my funeral. My truest friend. My longest relationship.

    12. A handheld milk frother that will help you whip up a latte or cappuccino at home in no time at all. This handy machine will save you SO much money, especially if you're normally paying extra for non-dairy milk. Cozy up and prepare to enjoy your delicious latte in the best place possible: your bed.

    13. An iconic Chemex pour-over so you can feel like a mad coffee scientist as you craft your perfect morning cup. Don't be intimidated. After a little trial-and-error, you'll master the Chemex in no time!

    14. A bag of Death Wish coffee that is OH MY GOSH SO CAFFEINATED. Folks who normally rely on constant refills of normal roasts find themselves only having a cup or two of this with the same results.

    15. A Coffee Gator pour-over kettle with a gooseneck spout so you can become your own crush-worthy barista. The thin spout helps you pour with precision, and the thermometer on top allows you to know *exactly* when your water's ready to go.

    16. A Mr. Coffee mug warmer to keep your brew nice and toasty no matter how long it takes you to drink it. Go ahead, flex how leisurely you are. Your coffee awaits you.

    17. A travel espresso maker so you don't have to give up a good cup of joe...even if you're in the middle of nowhere.

    18. A tinted airtight coffee container that seals with the press of a button. Coffee beans are sensitive to both light and air, so this dark space is the perfect place for them to ~rest easy~.

    19. A reusable coffee filter so you're never caught without coffee filters (and have to resort to a paper towel) again. This basket will also save you money by replacing disposable filters which will keep those pesky paper ones out of landfills. Mother Earth and your wallet thank you!

    20. A French press travel mug because apparently all the times I squeezed my eyes shut and wished I could drink coffee right out of a French press PAID OFF! Simply fill the outer shell with ground coffee and hot water, let it steep, insert the interior plunger, and press to get drinking!

    21. A brushed metal Keurig K-Elite that will famously whip up a single cup of coffee in a jif. If you don't feel ~great~ about using plastic pods every time you want a cup, check out these reusable pods that will make your Keurig more sustainable.

    22. A bag of Koffee Kult beans you could indeed say are a ~kult-fave~. Reviewers love and swear by the rich, smooth, cinnamon flavor of this roast.

    23. A Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista with a handy one-touch drink selection system. This makes crafting delicious espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos as easy as can be, because it does all the hard work for you.

    24. An instant mushroom coffee that tastes milder than regular coffee, and is said to help clear your head and make you more productive. I've tried it and don't worry: It doesn't taste mushroom-y at all.

    25. And of course a great mug to enjoy your now-perfect coffee in. Enjoy!

    I'm legally not allowed to recommend coffee in an IV, but YOU DO YOU!!!!!!!

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