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29 Gift Ideas For Kids If You Have No Clue What To Get Them

A spin art kit, Pixar Uno, and a giant bin of Legos are also on my wish list, for what it's worth.

1. An arts and crafts library, because no matter how far technology has come, the googly eye is the greatest invention of all time.

the contents of the arts and crafts library laid out in fronts of its box

2. A classic game of Jenga to introduce them to the age-old tradition of toppling small wooden towers.

hand grabbing jenga block from tower

3. Pixar Uno so they can learn one of the most universally beloved card games in a way that involves their favorite animated characters.

deck of uno cards with characters from ratatouille, finding nemo, the incredibles, up, toy story, and more

4. A pack of scratch art sheets for making every child's doodle extraordinary, even if their name isn't Roy G. Biv.

reviewer's scratch sheet that's black on top and rainbow colors where they've scratched

5. A basic Lego set and The Legos Idea Book if they've not yet forayed into the world of multi-colored bricks. The kids will thank you forever, and their parents will curse you a little every time they take one of these to the heel. Worth it.

6. Or a Lego Mars Research Shuttle set so they can really ~shoot for the stars~.

the research shuttle lego set

7. A spin art kit to keep them occupied cold winter days. They'll need to put together some components of the motor to get the spin going, so not only will they be making fun, creative art, they'll also be learning about science — hooray!

8. A BuzzFeed Tasty Junior breakfast play set so the young budding cook you know can create a brunch spread truly worthy of a *chef's kiss*.

9. A durable digital camera to invest in a child's rise to future influencer stardom without investing in a camera they're sure to break.

10. A crystal growing kit so they can do a science experiment that's actually fun and kickstart a love of learning. It also comes with a light board for showing off their five best crystals — a mini museum!

11. A Magna-Tiles set, because blocks HAD their day — it's 2020 and Magna-Tiles are the king of (building) the castle(s).

multicolored square and triangular magnetic tiles fashioned into a tower

12. A bread and butter making kit so they can get in on the sudden ~rise~ in baking that's been going on this year. They'll learn about food science and can even write their findings in a provided notebook. Baking is chemistry, after all!

13. Disney Monopoly, which is surely a dream that's a wish their heart made.

disney monopoly board

14. An Among Us coloring book so even when screen time is over, they don't have to be totally separated from their new favorite game.

15. The Book with No Pictures by The Office's own B.J. Novak to kick their bedtime story up a notch. Although there are — famously — no pictures, that makes it no less entertaining, as it forces the grownup reading to say all kinds of funny, wacky nonsense words. "Blaggity-BlaGGITTY," indeed!

the book with no pictures's cover

16. And My Book with No Pictures which has fill-in-the-blank spaces for them to come up with their own hilarious gobbledygook. Perfect for the tiny aspiring comedian!

17. A Crayola light-up tracing pad to give their art a little head start.

18. A copy of A is for Audra: Broadway's Leading Ladies from A to Z if you're hoping to indoctrinate some youths into the world of theatre nerd-dom, even with theaters closed this year.

19. A handmade rainbow unicorn octopus plush, because "rainbow," "unicorn," and "octopus" toys would already be individually exciting, but together?! Unbeatable.

different colored cute plushes with a unicorn horn and four tentacles each

20. A Minecraft pickaxe and sword that will bring their favorite computer game to LIFE!

21. A National Geographic geode kit so they can learn about earth sciences AND have a totally valid (and safe) reason to use a hammer!

22. A mind-bending labyrinth game for honing those motor skills in a chill, analog way.

23. A convertible play café that will transform their room into a Parisian coffee shop for breakfast and an award-winning BBQ joint by dinner.

24. A slime starter kit so they can stake their claim in the slime game.

25. Otrio — a complex version of tic-tac-toe that's fun for everyone from your six-year-old cousin to your Grandpa Joe! Gatherings will be way more fun now that nobody has to be excluded from the hottest new game in the house.

concentric circle pieces on otrio's wooden board

26. A set of four watercolor construction prints sure to dazzle any small child whose first word was "truck."

four framed construction vehicle prints

27. A loom perfect for any young-old-soul to craft scarves, tapestries, bags, or anything their grandparent-ly hearts can think of.

model using upright loom

28. A Pusheen plush who is oh-so-squishable, oh-so-cute, and an oh-so-great-gift.

reviewer's grey pusheen plush

29. A ridiculously cute knitted animal hat and scarf to make bundling up to go out in the cold a little more bear-able.

child model in grey scarf and hat with pointed animal ears

You're so in touch with the youths you're practically one of them!

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