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    30 Affordable Basics You Should Go Ahead And Buy Multiples Of Right Now

    Who ever said basic was a bad thing?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A high-waisted flare skirt to add a little ~flair~ to your casual everyday look.

    2. A pair of dress pants that are so comfortable you won't feel the need to tear them off the second you get home from work. *Cut to you wearing dress pants as pajamas.*

    3. A denim jacket who's sure to be your new BFF. There's no greater friend than a trusty denim jacket who goes with you everywhere.

    4. Wide-leg chinos because wide-leg pants are having a MOMENT! Rejoice! Our legs are now free from the skinny jeans they've been contained in for 10 years.

    5. A sleek blazer you'll want to pop on over every outfit to make it a little more ~profesh~.

    6. Distressed denim shorts with so much stretch you'll feel anything *but* distressed while wearing them 24/7.

    7. No-show briefs you'll want to shake your booty in as soon as you put them on. No panty lines and pretty cute to boot? This calls for a celebratory dance.

    8. A duo of tees that are Goldilocks-approved — not too short and not too long. Not to sheer but not too stiff. Juuuust right.

    9. Mid-rise legging jeans you can go ahead and pencil into your outfit schedule every day until the end of time.

    10. A fitted dress so versatile, you'll be going to events together for the rest of your life. You two should probably just go ahead and get married already.

    11. Low-cut socks you can truly never have enough of. You thought regular socks were hard to keep track of? Try half socks! But ohhh it's worth it to keep your prized loafers from getting smelly.

    12. A fit and flare skirt to give your everyday look a mermaid twist. Ariel, is that you?

    13. Black leggings I even need to tell you why black leggings are incredible? Thankful that we've all unified and decided leggings can be pants — the right side of history.

    14. A crisp white button-down your mom will be so proud of you for owning. But she's been right all these years. They're incredibly chic and versatile, and now you can practice that French tuck that Tan taught you.

    15. A cropped raw hem tee because life's too short not to get into this crop top trend we've got goin' on.

    16. A relaxed maxi dress that can be worn with boots, sandals, or barefoot to the beach. Whatever the plan is, this dress is down.

    17. A long *or* short sleeve turtleneck so you can craft your very own everyday uniform à la Steve Jobs (albeit an adorable and stylish version of Steve Jobs).

    18. A fitted cami to ensure you always have the perfect layering piece on hand. In a perfect world, we'd all have a drawer full of just camis, but a few will also suffice.

    19. A waffled button-up tee that took the softest, coziest cold weather fabric and updated it for warmer weather. An icon all year long.

    20. A cotton bralette so your boobs can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they won't be subjected to an underwire for the day.

    21. A high-low swing dress that adds a little pizazz to the classic shirtdress silhouette. Love to look and feel fancy even while basically wearing a T-shirt.

    22. A pair of bootcut trousers to make your office look comfy as hell. One reviewer described these as "office pants that feel like yoga pants," so uhhhh yeah, I'll take every pair you have.

    23. A long-sleeved faux wrap dress perfect for any occasion. Between work, date nights, and running a few errands, you're going to want to throw on this easy outfit basically every day.

    24. A crop top and pencil skirt set so you can get TWO amazing basics in one, gloriously chic package. Together or apart, these pieces are 🔥.

    25. A cardigan that will be your layering go-to all through the year. You can leave it tied or untied to create different looks and have just one MORE excuse to reach for it every morning.

    26. A striped shirt dress for taking the T-shirt — the perfect article of clothing — and turning it into a full outfit. I'll take seven, check please.

    27. Solid bike shorts so you can break into a run (or take a comfy, cozy nap) at a moment's notice and still have an Instagrammable fit.

    28. A hoodie dress for days when the mood is Tyra-style "comfort...but make it fashion."

    29. Black skinny jeans that are the epitome of a wardrobe staple. Pretty sure I was born wearing a pair of black jeans if I'm being completely honest.

    30. A knit draped tee you'll want to ~scoop~ up multiples of since it'll be getting so much wear.

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