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    The 21 Best Romantic Christmas Movies To Stream On Netflix

    Slip on those Christmas pajamas, grab some popcorn (and tissues), and binge these insanely adorable romantic Christmas movies on Netflix ASAP.

    1. Operation Christmas Drop

    Andrew Jantz and Erica Miller flying in an army plane.
    Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix

    After seeing an article with a shirtless photo of air-force pilot Andrew Jantz, political aide Erica Miller is tasked by her congresswoman boss to find reasons to shut down his army base. Along her discovery, they end up falling in love and she ends up fighting to save the base instead of shut it down. Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig star in this movie based off of the real life army mission, "Operation Christmas Drop."

    2. Midnight at The Magnolia

    Maggie and Jake sledding down the hill.

    Best friends and co-hosts for radio show "The Windy City Wake-Up", Maggie and Jake fake being a couple for their families and listeners in the hopes of their show being signed on to a big radio network. What ensues is love, chaos, and everything in between.

    3. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

    Kat Decker, dressed as an elf, and Dominic Wintergarden holding hands

    An updated version of "A Cinderella Story", this sequel follows aspiring singer/songwriter Kat Decker while she deals with her evil step-mother and step-sisters. While working as a singing elf to save up money, she meets and falls in love with a handsome Santa, Dominic Wintergarden.

    4. The Princess Switch

    Margaret and Stacy realizing they are twins in the movie.

    Vanessa Hudgens stars in this adorable movie where a duchess and ordinary bakery-owner from Chicago, who look exactly alike, switch places on Christmas. In the end, they both find love with two equally handsome men and establish a friendship with each other.

    5. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

    Stacy and Margaret chatting inside the castle.
    Netflix/ Mark Mainz

    Stacy and Margaret are back at it again in this sequel to The Princess Switch. Duchess Margaret is suddenly set to inherit the throne, not long after a break-up with Kevin. After all arriving for her upcoming coronation, Stacy convinces Margaret to switch again so Margaret could figure out if she and Kevin are meant to be together. The only problem? Margaret's lookalike cousin Fiona arrives and wreaks havoc on it all. Coming to Netflix on November 19.

    6. A Christmas Prince

    Amber and Prince Richard looking lovingly at each other.

    The first of three movies follows journalist, Amber Moore, as she gets assigned to find an exclusive scoop on the soon-to-be anointed king, Prince Richard, of Aldovia. It's there that she pretends to be a tutor for his sister, Emily, and ends up falling in love with the Prince.

    7. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

    Amber and Prince Richard in panic.

    A year after Amber and Prince Richard get engaged, the two are set to get married in a royal Christmas wedding. However, their plans are jeopardized when Amber questions if she is fit to be Queen. At the same time, Richard faces a crises that could endanger the future of the kingdom.

    8. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

    Prince Richard looking lovingly at pregnant Amber while she opens a baby gift.
    Netflix/Cos Aelenei

    In the third of three movies, Christmas has once again arrived in Aldovia with a royal baby in toe. Before the baby is set to arrive, Amber and Richard host royals from a faraway kingdom in order to renew an ancient treaty. When the treaty goes missing, Amber is intent on frantic to find it before an ancient curse could be placed upon their baby.

    9. Let It Snow

    Two of the teenagers in Let It Snow sledding down the hill.
    Netflix / Steve Wilkie

    With a little help from a stranded pop star, a stolen keg, an epic party at the Waffle House, a squad of dancers, and a girl in tin-foil, a group of high-schooler's love lives change for the better when a snow-storm hits on Christmas Eve in their small midwestern town.

    10. A Knight Before Christmas

    Brooke and Sir Cole on a horse riding through town.
    Netflix / Brooke Palmer

    A magical sorcerous transports medieval night, Sir Cole, to Ohio during the holiday season. He ends up meeting Brooke, a science teacher, and together they figure out how to conquer his quest. However, the closer he and Brooke get, the more he wonders how much he actually wants to return home.

    11. Holidate

    Sloane and Jackson together on Cinco-De-Mayo.
    Netflix/ Steve Dietl

    Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, and Kristin Chenoweth star in this cheeky romanic comedy where two strangers decide to be each-other's platonic plus ones, after a disastrous Christmas, on every holiday all year. The only problem? they end up falling in love.

    12. Christmas With A Prince

    Prince Alexander dancing with Tasha at a ball.
    Christmas With A Prince

    Pediatric specialist Tasha Mason's job is turned upside down after spoiled Prince Alexander Cavalleri breaks his leg on a ski slope and needs to stay in her ward at the hospital. However, after some tough love is given, she learns that the prince may actually be a true knight in shining armor.

    13. The Holiday Calendar

    Abby and her best friend chatting at a holiday party.

    Photographer, Abby Sutton, inherits an antique advent calendar and soon discovers that it can predict her future. The only question on her mind; will she find love this holiday season?

    14. Christmas Catch

    Mackenzie chasing Carson.
    Christmas Catch

    Detective Mackenzie Bennett goes under cover to catch Carson, a suspected diamond thief. While working, Mackenzie suspects that Carson has been framed and falls for him.

    15. Holiday In The Wild

    Kate and Derek driving in the rescue jeep with an elephant in front of them.
    Netflix/Ilze Kitshoff

    After her son leaves for college and her marriage falls apart, Kate heads to Africa on her 'supposed' second honeymoon alone. When on her private safari tour, Kate ends up taking a detour with pilot Derek to rescue a baby elephant. Her journey completely changes, when she decides to help nurse him back to health at a local elephant nursery.

    16. Christmas Wedding Planner

    Kelsey and Connor in a moment before they kiss.
    Christmas Wedding Planner

    Kelsey Wilson, a wedding planner, is about to make it big planning her cousins exclusive wedding. Everything is going well until private investigator, Connor McClane, shows up to investigate something for a secret source at the wedding. While bringing chaos to the upcoming nuptials, he ends up winning over Kelsey's heart.

    17. Christmas Inheritance

    Ellen Langford surrounded by her two potential love interests.

    In order to inherit her father's business, Ellen Langford must deliver a special Christmas card to her dad's former partner in Snow Falls. It's when she gets stranded at the inn in town due to a snowstorm that she discovers the true miracles of Christmas (and falls in love).

    18. Holly Star

    Sloan and her best friend walking.
    Holly Star Pr

    In this adorable rom-com, a broke puppeteer named Sloan returns home for the holidays. It's there where she gets caught up in a treasure hunt with her best friend, grandmother, and childhood sweetheart.

    19. Christmas With A View

    Shane Roarke looking lovingly at Clara Garrison.
    Christmas With A View

    A ski resort is the talk of the town when a celebrity chef, Shane Roarke, becomes the new head chef. Although, Clara Garrison isn't excited about her new boss at first, she eventually realizes that they are more alike than she thought.

    20. Holiday Rush

    DJ Rush Williams having dinner with his producer Roxy with them saying cheers.
    Netflix/ Anna Kooris

    Popular radio-host DJ Rush Williams has been spoiling his kids ever since they lost their mom. However, things take a turn when he loses his job. His producer, Roxy Richardson, comes up with a plan to help him buy another station in order to keep him on air. What follows is learning to live with less, reconnecting with his children, and love.

    21. A Princess For Christmas

    Jules and Prince Ashton on their wedding day looking at the kingdom.
    A Princess For Christmas

    After a long-lost relative reaches out to reconnect, Jules Daly travels with her niece and nephew to a castle in Europe. It's there where she meets Prince Ashton and ends up falling in love.

    What are your favorite romantic holiday movies on Netflix? Let us know in the comments!