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    Lizzo Says She "Smells Better" Since She Stopped Using Deodorant, And I Wasn't Expecting This

    Lizzo has entered the celebrity hygiene chat.

    Adding a new layer to the ongoing celebrity hygiene chat, Lizzo has revealed in her Instagram story that, like Matthew McConaughey, she no longer wears deodorant.

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    For context, Matthew famously gave up wearing deodorant 35 years ago, telling People magazine in 2005 that he hadn’t "worn deodorant in 20 years."

    Matthew McConaughey
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    Alright, alright, alriiiiight

    "Ok I'm w him on this one," Lizzo wrote. "I stopped using deodorant and I smell BETTER."

    OK, once and for all, let's talk about what the best course of action is for deodorant.

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    If you quit using an antiperspirant, Well + Good notes that your skin's natural microbiome can potentially reset.

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    "Antiperspirants work by lowering levels of odor-causing bacteria that live in the underarms," Dr. Joshua Zeichner told them. "Some people speculate that stopping use will help your skin's natural microbiome reset, though it is unclear whether this has any significant impact on your health."

    After extended use, your body might also develop a resistance to the product you've been swiping on. So a break isn't a bad idea.

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    "There is anecdotal evidence that the body may develop some so-called resistance to antiperspirants over time," says Lyall Gorenstein, MD, surgical director at the Columbia University Hyperhidrosis Center. "It's unclear why this happens, yet many patients recognize this phenomenon."

    In conclusion, it may not be a bad idea to give your body a deodorant break, especially if you're still sheltering in place — and you can now do so with Lizzo's seal of approval!

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