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    Kellan Lutz And Ashley Greene Recreated Their "Twilight" Baseball Scene, And This Is The Throwback I Need Today

    "Did you say 'vampire'?"

    It's been 13 long, long years since the first Twilight film came out.

    Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Peter Facinelli
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    And I'll be honest, sometimes I still rewatch the Saga (more so since all of the movies dropped on Netflix).

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    So you can imagine how tickled I was to watch Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene reprise their Twilight roles as Emmett and Alice Cullen this week.

    Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz
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    That's right: Kellan and Ashley got back together to play some vampire baseball, thus recreating the iconic game from the first movie.

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    Here's what went down: YouTuber and emo culture celebrator Matt Cutshall produced a new comedy sketch starring Arielle Vandenberg, Kellan, and Ashley. Posting the video to Instagram, he captioned: "Felt emo again might delete."

    In the clip, a choreographed fight breaks out between Kellan (in character as Emmett Cullen) and emo Matt, who's the one with perfectly swoopy side bangs.

    Matt Cutshall and Kellan Lutz
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    "Did you say 'vampire'?" asks Kellan.

    Then, Ashley — back in character as Alice Cullen — shows up to stop the fight and says her famous line: "We're going to be great friends."

    Ashley Greene
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    "Always fun bringing Emmett back to life," Kellan captioned, re-sharing Matt's clip.

    Ashley had a great time reuniting with her Cullen brother, too, sharing in a post, "Blast from the past with @kellanlutz ... it made my heart jump being reunited with this one and having some fun with @arielle and @mattcutshall."

    "You were incredible," Matt commented on Ashley's post. "Arielle got the chills multiple times."

    Ashley Greene
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    That makes two of us, Matt. That makes two of us.

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