• rabruzzo

      Pecans is a drupe, not a nut. Wild Pecans were found around the American South and unless you were Paleolithic Native American would have never been part of a Western European diet until the colonies. Any special enzymes or bacterial flora cultivated around the digestion of those drupes would only have any bearing on your diet if you were a genetic decedent (probably of shared enzymes) or lived among genetic descendants (increasing the probably of common GI tract flora) And when you say ‘resembles’, is that terms of shape, color, genetic distance to wild version, nutritionally or chemically? And then barring that, its an ‘age-range’ determination?  Again, I’m not commenting on its health claims, but what foods qualify as ‘paleo’ seem very capricious with little consideration of the history of modern agriculture or understanding between the genetic differences between wild and domesticated varieties. If cutting carbs, alcohol and dairy from your diet makes you happy, great I applaud choices leading to a healthier you but to promote the diet: 1) bearing any resemblance the diet of our ancestors
      2) has been scientifically (or anecdotally) stated better suited to nutritionally absorption of modern humans  …is wishful (therefore misleading) thinking.  Its marketing, and people’s health choices deserves more honesty then fabricated pseudo-anthropology.

    • rabruzzo

      So pecans, domesticated by the West in the late 1800’s are more in line with a Paleo diet than potato domesticated by the Incas 5000 BCE? That seems to be a very Western view of what foods are ‘ancient’. Alleged alcohol implements have been discovered in China dating back 9000 years. While I don’t have any quibble with the health claims of the diet, the claims that this closer to our ancestors is horse puckey. If eating ‘Paleo’ gives you all the nutrition you need and keeps you healthy, by all means continue, but I would ask that you not propagate the myth the health benefits stem from eating foodstuffs that ‘resemble’ pre-historic diets. You wouldn’t even recognize pre-domesticated food plants, let alone have the compare in terms of nutrition or chemical makeup.

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