16 Things Lana Del Rey’s New Album Will Make You Want To Do

Buckle up, because ‘Ultraviolence’ is a roller coaster of feels.

1. Run through a giant field of flowers in slow-motion

2. Twirl in slow motion

3. Actually, pretty much anything done in slow motion will do


4. Stand in the rain looking like someone just broke your heart

Umbrella optional.

5. Shed a single tear

6. Shed 7 billion tears

7. Paint with all the colors of the wind

8. Drive under a bunch of palm trees

West Coast best coast?

9. Swim with dolphins

10. Share a passionate kiss with someone

11. And then flip them off

Like I said: roller coaster

12. Bathe in money

13. Run free with a herd of unicorns

14. Throw glitter on your co-workers

15. Roll around in the ocean late at night

16. And most of all, it’ll really make you wish you were Lana Del Rey

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