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Dumb Shit I Did In Middle School That Proves It Only Goes Up From There

Maybe you're reading this because you're a twenty something or a college student like me who wants to hop on the train to Cringe Town and reminisce. Or perhaps you're reading this because you're a kid growing out of your awkward stage and you're starting to worry about what people think of you. Either way, by the end of this article, we'll all be on the same page: it gets so much better.

Journey To The Center Of My Bathroom

This is the way my roommates and I have apparently chosen to live.

Holiday Christmas Light Fail!

The town of Meridian, Idaho wishes you a Phallic Christmas!

22 Struggles You Will Have On The 22-Day Vegan Challenge

So, you decided to take the 22-Day Vegan Challenge... Hope you survive the experience.

The 15 Reactions We Will All Have When Scandal Returns Tomorrow

Scandal is back for Season 4. We must prepare for this fateful day of racing hearts, peeing our pants, screaming fits, and uncontrollable rage due the inevitable unknowns to come in the season premiere. Gladiators, let us prepare.

How To Hit On A Dude In The Club

Find a hottie, make him yours.

The 19 Funniest Workout Fail Gifs Of All Time

Working out comes naturally to some people. But to others, just isn't happening.

The 13 Reasons Why Exercising Is The Absolute Worst

Excercising is the worst, and you know it.

30 Genuine Laugh-Out-Loud Moments From Kids Films

Childhood movie moments that still make you laugh now.

9 Songs You Sung As A Kid But Didnt Tell Your Parents Because You Would've Gotten Your Teeth Knocked Out

'Bout to take it back to Elementary and Jr high. #1 is going to have you like damn i was a hood booger.

Top 15 Snuggle Bear Memes

His face says it all!

20 Miserable Men Who REALLY Don't Want To Be Shopping Right Now

We know it can be rough, but you really have to feel it for these guys.

25 Thoughts Normal* People Have About Morning People

*Because morning people are not normal people

Athletes Paying Homage To The Art Of Dance

This week during Denver Broncos training camp, Peyton Manning gets down to Rocky Top and the results are entertainment gold. This is a tribute to all those athletes that have captivated us by their dance moves.

Countdown Of The Best Royal Selfies

Because one rather does like one's phone.

7 Gnarly Animal Mullets

Business in the front, party in the back. These animals know what's up.

29 Times Graffiti Was So Bad It Was Good

Graffiti: Writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Or drawing dicks on random objects, either one.

10 Animals Diagnosed With Bitch Face

The results are in, these animals have the bitchiest of faces.

10 Patriotic Pickup Lines To Use This Fourth Of July

Is that a firework in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

17 Things Only People With Rainbow Hair Understand

A glimpse inside our colorful life.

16 Things Lana Del Rey's New Album Will Make You Want To Do

Buckle up, because 'Ultraviolence' is a roller coaster of feels.

21 Ways To Know You're A Proud Fangirl

Because you didn't choose the fangirl life, the fangirl life chose you.

Silly BuzzFeed

Sometimes article descriptions shouldn't be shortened.


While I was looking around on Buzzfeed, the single greatest screen capture known to man was taken today....

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