The Most Disgusting Thing Ever Washed Up On NY Beach

It’s been called the “East River Monster.” But they’re not sure if it’s a giant rat, a dog, or a pig, so you’re pretty sure it’s the most disgusting thing ever.

Amateur photographer Denise Ginley stumbled upon this animal-seeming-corpse walking under the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this week.

The Telegraph has insisted that it is no coincidence this unidentifiable creature washed up so close to the Plum Island Center for Animal Diseases, but nonetheless, the Parks Department’s spokesman claimed to Animal NY that “it was a pig left over from a cookout” barely hold up. Because look at its hooves.

Oh wait, it doesn’t have any. In response to this, the spokesman added: “It was a roasted pig we threw it out. We didn’t count its toes, we just threw it out.”

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